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    Macquarie is so easy!!!

    Dont worry, you'll get subjects withpoiut cheat sheets, like me XD
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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    Screw that man you got what you needed, all that matters :) In a few months someone will mention atar, and you'll say "whats an atar"? it becomes irrlevent so fast hahaha
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    Below cut-off for course

    So no bonus points for location, disability, sport, subject good marks?
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    Uws early offer!?

    I got my uws early offer day after atar release last year, may be the same here, so should be soon
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    I need something decent to do online :S

    Haha go on.. ;) Im learning some programming at uni so I dont really need to learn anymore of it at the moment :p
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    I need something decent to do online :S

    Okay so until this year, ive had multiple forums i used to visit, I made youtube videos, and some websites i ran. This year, ive lost interest in the forums, stopped making youtube due to lack of interest in the channels topic, and my websites are pretty quiet. I get online and am bored within...
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    Is Prelim course tested in year 12/hsc?

    I studied the stuff taught in the actual year 12 course, year 11 information was mostly building to year 12 and the important stuff was actually taught in year 12. It may depend on the subject though.
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    What does it feel like to finish the HSC?

    I find uni quite fun, time to spend with mates and such, aswell as do work. Plus uni campus's [depending where u go] are pretty stunning, so its fun to just relax and enjoy the scenery too. Your degree may have more work then others it depends on what you pick, but go for something you like...
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    How are you studying this Holidays?

    Your almost done guys, few more months and freedom ;) DO past papers, record yourself speaking notes out loud and listen to them (that helped me), and listening to wordless music can help with studying too for focus (search epic music compilation) Kill it guys :D
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    [HIRING] Positions Available - Work whenever, great pay, very flexible job!

    Haha I suppose in a way it is, the jobs well explained on the link :P
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    [HIRING] Positions Available - Work whenever, great pay, very flexible job!

    Looking for a job these holidays and beyond? If being able to work from wherever you want, for as little or as long as you like, along with having very respectable pay appeals to you, checkout the below link for a full description (job description, pay rates, etc) and the application form...
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    Peer Reviewed article help!?!?

    Thankyou mate, pretty much just what I needed :D
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    Peer Reviewed article help!?!?

    I have a essay for HRM107 and need to use peer reviewed articles. Im a bit confused on them and how to find them, could someone explain more clearly what they are and how to get them?
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    Macq 2013

    I'll be there, bachelor e-business :D
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    Motivation/ success story for 2013/14 hscers

    For me, I didnt need a 90+ atar as some people here did, but I was lazy often and couldnt be asses, my school marks reflected that. Come HSC though, DO NOT GIVE UP. Its NOT too late to change things around~! For the hsc exams, I pulled the broom out of my arse and got down to some serious study...
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    Teachers who put you to sleep?

    I finished school last year, but yeah did anyone have/has a teacher who just puts you completely to sleep? My yr11 business teacher was amazing, interesting to listen to and I enjoyed the class. year 12, my new teacher put me to sleep. I still liked business, but no matter what I did, I would...
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    Just over one week left till 2013ers start their second term.....

    So many nights in year 12 I can on 6 hours sleep or less, I did 3 hours once, was falling asleep on the bus.. Get ATLEAST 7 hours sleep, 11pm lights off. You will cherish every extra hour of sleep you get. Eat well, if your stomach is happy and your not exhausted, those are the best things to...
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    How do you study 2u mathematics?

    Have a rulebook with JUST the formulas for maths, all of them. My tutor gave me one and is was a godsend, truly. I called it the godbook it was so useful. I highly reccomend making a rulebook. Also stick up the formulas you find hard to remember on a wall you see often in big text. Helps.
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    Post Your 2013 University Offers Here

    ebusiness @ mq uni!!!!!!!!!! :D im free of you atar/hsc.. FREE!