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  1. elseany

    In your opinion, will a CompSci double degree make me more employable in ElecEng?

    hey, I'm currently in elec eng, im transferring this semester to elec eng/comp sci, but i've spoken to people at the school office and have it all organised. If you do go ahead and want to pick it up (which, from what i gather you should only do for your own personal interest and not for...
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    Naval Architeture worse or better dan Aerospace engineer?

    BWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA hay thar m80, please cum 2 unsw we can be like dem best maytes ay, coz u sound lyk a totly wcked gui eye'd lyk 2 bui u a drnk wun dae mayte tehehe gud fing uz enginerz dun need 2 lern englzih ovawize i mite b hungry wen itz tyme 2 find a job tehehe
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    General Engo Talk.

    does anyone know if we have to pass the tests to pass the course? i vaguely remember something like this being mentioned at the start of the year, but i really hope i'm wrong. hopefully we don't have to, because if not i've already passed the course :D ...which is good since i've been to like...
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    Molar heat of combustion vs. Molecular weight.

    my line of best fit went in perfectly, it was a straight line passing through all the points
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    Answers To Difficult Questions

    what was the multiple choice answer for the combustion one? i put carbon dioxide cause i thought thats always a product and was hoping on the technicality that technically its not water thats formed but steam or something lol
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    Pre-exam chatter

    Re: General Thoughts WHAT A FUCKING HARD EXAM :'(( (its 1:20am and im still up i haven't memorised my essays, all ive achieved so far is a summary sheet for one of my essays which i can vaguelly recount :<)
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    Which pen for essay type subjects

    trust me use a pilot rexigrip, its thick so u can get a good grip on it, its plastic so its light and its smoooth as for those epic fast writtingz, i spent many a hours testing pens out cause i needed everage advantage i could get for english seeing as my capabilities in teh actualy subject are...
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    how do u sketch those graphs.........

    a good way is to draw your y = x line and place your ruler along it so its standing perpendicular to the sheet, that way you can see the reflection of your curve in the ruler and then use that as a guide to draw the mirror of it the other way is heaps easier but takes a while, you draw your...
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    Circular Motion Help

    this is from the 2003 HSC Paper Q4: (a) A particle P of mass m moves with constant angular velocity ω on a circle of radius r. Its position at time t is given by: x = r cos θ y = r sin θ, where θ= ωt. (i) Show that there is an inward radial force of magnitude mr ω2 acting on P. i got as far as...
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    About average grouping......

    hey, with your first question the thing to remember is that although we are dealing with people, the four teams are indistinguishable, like there are no ways of differentiating between which team is which, so if we counted the individual cases we would see we over counted by creating the same...
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    Bored 17 Year old Melbournian guy wants to meet new people?

    hehe im sorry m8, i didnt realeyez dat dere was gunnta be da master of chimpanzee's here tehehe sowwi
  12. elseany

    Bored 17 Year old Melbournian guy wants to meet new people?

    hey babeh, dwuz bout all dese meeniez here m8, i while luv u 4eva, mai naime is shauna and im only sexteen i hop datz okay bcuz i relle wnna b ur friend and maybe moar heheehe :> pm me sugarbuns xoxoxo ps babehhcheex r u wyllng to gif camel style a go (lyk in mi display pik), bcuz im kinda...
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    Re: First Preferences? are we charged the processing fee once or everytime we change our preferences? because i have a feeling im going to be changing my mind.... alot :|
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    Creative Writing

    lmao, great advice there ms "please take a day off" ahahaha
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    lowest possible english mark to get over 90UAI

    fark i was hoping like a 60 could get me there, dowmahhh -.- hate engrishh
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    lowest possible english mark to get over 90UAI

    okay well i hate english, with a passion and im going to do shit at it. i was just wondering what is the lowest mark you know someone has gotten in english while still getting a uai of over 90? im currently at a selective school,, its not that great, were like low 30's apparently, i do ext2...
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    Trial HSC - Illness/misadventure appeals

    lucky bastard, i wish i got influenza :<
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    pre 20th century related texts? i heard examiners get syked, suggestion?

    telling the truth wuthering heights?
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    does any one have the detailed solutions for Cambridge book? you gotta use ghostscript to view them though if you cant be bothered downloading these, ask your math teacher if you can borrow a copy, most schools should have bought worked solutions
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    i thought the topic was penis and got disappointed when i opened it :<