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  1. brookemoon95

    Does anyone feel like they're getting lazier towards the end of their hsc?

    I do SORI and VA, and I'm finding it really hard to give a fuck. I'm studying, but it's like....blugh. I hope I don't lull myself into a false sense of security and fuck it up at the end.
  2. brookemoon95

    Language exams

    How is everyone feeling! that was actually pretty good :) listening was great!
  3. brookemoon95

    Do languages (especially continuers) scale you up?

    Generally languages scale well, continuers more so than beginners. However, I wouldn't count on scaling to be the defining factor of your marks. study hard, do your best. Good luck :D
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  5. brookemoon95

    Is it worth it?

    I cried after the exam. The thing is, 1/11 teen suicides are HSC related in Australia (or NSW, I can't remember). The HSC is just really stressful, and it's hard to think that everything you've worked for over a year for can be determined by a single exam. Some people adapt to stress, some...
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    Language exams

    xD good luck! beginners or continuers? We did the NAFT trials, i found it ok, did you do an independent trial paper or a NAFT paper?
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    Language exams

    So there were a lot of eastern languages on today, how did everyone find the exams? I do french, so my exam is next week :)
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    Mark predictions

    13-14/15 14/15 12/15
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    How many pages did you write for each section?

    6,6,6. I feel this is an ominous sign....