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    Music 1

    I liked the first one...I found the last one hard...Unity and Contrast...ahh..doomed.
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    @VirtyDear @Captainplanet7 sorry I'm still used to this whole bored of studies, posting, I should address the people I'm speaking too, but I kind of rambled too much on the story so I'm sorry, I'm just proud of it. :)
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    @Becca12 I had the exact same problem don't worry.
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    I'm talking about the script I did for Individual
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    Obviously not with that many spelling mistakes, it's hard to write everything down, I spent so much time editing the story, but I wanted to do it about self harm, gay marriage, and not being accepted, because those are stories I'm really passionate in, as a straight person I've had to listen to...
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    she" is gay. She does the cutting while her friends are speaking behind her back.
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    I did mine about a girl suffering in terms to finding herself. It starts of with her mother dying, she gets foster parents who don't really accept her, and allow her to be herself, she hides her feelings to herself, and as she grows older becomes distance from her brother who told her to forget...
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    That wouldn't happen to be Darren Criss in your profile picture would it?

    That wouldn't happen to be Darren Criss in your profile picture would it?
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    The questions were great, I just couldn't find it in me to put it down properly, when I had studied both carefully but fingerscrossed. Best of luck!
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    Had it all in my head and was not able to put it down on paper!! :angryfire: :spzz: Hopefully my class performance and script was good enough to get into a band 5-6.
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    Drama - 'stolen' help!

    You have to look at dramatic forms, styles and conventions. try think how it engages the audience, such as the issues of the past and how the audience can empathise through the characters with dialogue, lighting, sound. I'll give you some features of the play: - forcible removal of indigenous...
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    Which is better prep for english paper 2?

    Good tip ^ Made me think about it, because I am terrible at adapting, I will get the intro done tho :).
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    Section 2 - Creative Writing

    I did the first picture of the boy hanging on the tree because my story I prepared for had fitted that scenery however I had blockage of the way I wrote it down when preparing and I had it so well written I was frastruated with myself but I hope it was good enough as I just re-wrote it, I'm...
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    help jst skipped entire section of exam

    Keep your head up, and focus on paper 2! That's not the end for english :)
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    How many pages did you write for each section?

    My writing is small too, so about the same :)
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    Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

    Also having "The Skull Beneath The Skin" and "Hamlet" to read it can be quite time consuming, but I actually enjoyed it, I found myself watching the movie at the same time, just to compare it. I've always loved reading, so having something to read this holiday wasn't that traumatic as some of my...
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    Post your favourite word/s and meaning and example :D

    My word: Winsome. Definition: Charming; inspiring trust and approval; especially if in an innocent manner. Because it's a beautiful word and personality to have :).
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    Exam question help!?

    Can someone please help explain what the exam question means: "Evaluate strategies for managing change that could be used to resolve industrial conflict" means? Just give me an idea of how I can answer this in extended form would be very much appreciated, as I'm hopeless at Business Studies...