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  1. RyelleBlitz

    Crime "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to..."

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Terrorism's fucking screwed me over then. hopefully, I'll get nice teachers who can see my point of the immpact of terrorism on the Australian criminal laws. -crosses fingers- For part d), I just defined deterrance, incarceration, retribution, rehabilitation...
  2. RyelleBlitz

    Crime "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to..."

    "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to the reform of criminal law." What did everybody put for this? I had terrorism and new technology as my two choices, but I'm not entirely sure that's what they meant by 'conditions'. Your thoughts?
  3. RyelleBlitz

    legal studies

    Seems this was the last exam for a lot of other people too. I quite liked it actually. My teacher thought it was going to be awful (following the pattern of awful good awful, good), so I also thought it was going to be a load of smut. Multiple choice was brilliant. Couldn't have asked for an...
  4. RyelleBlitz

    BArts (Int'l Relations)

    =0 Fuck. I was going to be a diplomat!!!! Now my dream is ruined! I think I'll now work for overseas companies in the music industries or something. Maybe...
  5. RyelleBlitz

    No more maths. :D

    I nearly cried lol. So happy.... ;w;
  6. RyelleBlitz

    didnt trace diagram...

    That would be awesome if they did allocate marks to it though (Yay! I'd guaranteed at least 2/120!!)
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    Conflict in Europe

    I argued that it was the major turning point, as it not only sucked Germany's resources, but was the second front, dividing everything up even further. It was the metaphorical thorn in Hitler's foot. xD I actually wrotew that, only next to it is crossed out "It was the thron in Hitler's...
  8. RyelleBlitz

    Anyone Else Abhore Personality Question?

    b)'Events shape people more than people shape events.' How accurate is this statement in relation to the personality you have studied? Ugh! Normally, the question has something to do with whether the person was a good guy or a bad guy. So I had it all figured out for Albert Speer. Bah!
  9. RyelleBlitz

    Weimar Republic

    I was a bit 'omg.' at first, but I got over it. Yay for just having read it! I wasn't sure (at first) about what I should talk about, and I couldn't remember all the stuff that was in my text book on what flourished during 1923-29 (art and architecture, science, that sort of thing), but then I...
  10. RyelleBlitz

    just came home after doing modern

    You could have told me that before the exam... I liked the one about social and cultural change between 1923 to '39.
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    I was absolutely horrified! Well, not that bad, but I was really upset at my effing hospitality teacher - she said it wasn't really necessary to study specific legislation... I am so glad I did my own research into it! I thought the whole thing was really vague... Didn't like it much. Did...
  12. RyelleBlitz

    Maths Formulae

    Re: maths formula!! Helpful!!! Thank you!
  13. RyelleBlitz

    Hospitality Notes

    Awesome revision notes.... And there's some stuff in there I didn't know!
  14. RyelleBlitz

    Emma/Clueless, W.B Yeats or Antony and Cleopatra... Thoughts??

    I did Yeats, and it was a fantastic question!! Wrote about 5 or 6 pages on it. 3 poems. >w< I didn't do aswell in the others though.. hehe hehe. I seriously nearly cried when I saw it, with happiness.
  15. RyelleBlitz

    why anu?

    I want to go to ANU fro several reasons... a) My dad's in Canberra .: cheap accomodation. b) I know the area and buses xD c) Isn't it ranked 1st or 2nd Uni in Australia? d) International relations. e) Um.. I guess I was sucked in by the 'propagnda' xD
  16. RyelleBlitz

    FAQ - Frontline

    I love you.
  17. RyelleBlitz

    Assignment Help Links! (For Module B)

    -sigh- Still no Yeats'. ;_; -goes emo-
  18. RyelleBlitz

    Section 2

    I chose c), and wrote about some girl retunring to her past, remembering fragments of memory lol. Made it up on the spot, but hopefully I did ok.
  19. RyelleBlitz

    Imaginative Journey: Unexpected Destinations

    I was planning on primarily writing how the audience, via the imaginative journeys of the characters and composers, how they often arrive at unexpected destinations (ie conclusions, change of mind, etc). I don't think I quite got that across though.