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  1. johnnypaul

    good recent hip-hop/rap

    Only Built for Cuban Linx Pt. 2 = album of the year
  2. johnnypaul

    UTS - Semester 1 2009 Guestimates + Official Results (15 July 2009) thread

    Finally got it to work. Failed IEE. How can my GPA go from 2.41 to 0.75 if I failed 1 subject?!?!?
  3. johnnypaul

    Ocamp - bags

    fucking lol
  4. johnnypaul

    Good Vibrations 2009

    I really wanted to her "Excursions", Q-Tip was even wearing a T-Shirt with the lyrics on it.
  5. johnnypaul

    Good Vibrations 2009

    Word a bit disappointed with Q-tip. But The Pharcyde killed it so hard. As soon as Q-tip said "I met her when she was 19 and her name was..." I so knew he was going to drop Bonita Applebum. My friend and me just went nuts after that.
  6. johnnypaul

    Good Vibrations 2009

    GV is going to be sick. Going to just park myself in the Roots tent all day. Wale, the Pharcyde and Q-Tip. The Pharcyde - Running YouTube - The Pharcyde - Runnin The Pharcyde - Passin Me By YouTube - The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By
  7. johnnypaul

    DJ Thread- Equipment

    Imo get a pair of second hand 1200s
  8. johnnypaul

    I didn't do MX1

    First isn't that bad..... just need to go to lectures/tutes. Hmmm IEE will be a bitch tho. You will quickly learn to hate Gerard Boardman.
  9. johnnypaul

    your current favourite song

    J. Rawls - A Tribute to TROY J. Rawls - A Tribute To Troy - Free MP3 Stream on IMEEM Music <33
  10. johnnypaul

    Twilight movie

    Man the chick from Twilight was a full mad lowie tho. "Im a vampire" "Im not scared" "Im a murderer" "Im not scared" "I wanted to kill you" ".........Im not scared" Like shiet talk about a chick with no standards!
  11. johnnypaul

    UTS - Semester 2 2008 Guestimates + Official Results (17 December 2008) thread

    Hhahaa shit it actually worked... man one year down 5 more to go T_T
  12. johnnypaul

    808s & Heartbreak

    The use of the auto-tune is dope to some extent. But a full album of it gives me a fucking headache. Plus listening to him whine is fucking annoying. I could barely listen to the whole album. Was I the only one who thought it was shit? Shiet I might leave after Nas next week if it's an 808...
  13. johnnypaul

    Snoop Dog, Ice Cube and Bone Thugz

    What tracks did Snoop do?
  14. johnnypaul

    Snoop Dog, Ice Cube and Bone Thugz

    McLovin: Go fuck yourself you fucking piece of shit. You have no idea what rap is about you fucking dumb cunt.
  15. johnnypaul

    real music

    So you're saying that I have no taste if I don't listen to what you listen to? You fail!
  16. johnnypaul

    Is Tupac the best musician to ever live?

    Fair enough. Tbh I only really listen to shit from "Me Against the World", "All Eyez on Me" and "7 Day Theory". Imo I don't think you can hate pac for his music, cos some of his shit was actually good. But you can hate him for the beef that he started that ended up getting himself and biggie...
  17. johnnypaul

    Is Tupac the best musician to ever live?

    Ok, so I've re-read through the 19 pages of this thread. Why do you guys hate 2pac so much? From what I've gathered from this thread you guys say that he's overrated and that his lyrical content isn't the best. But what's the difference between Pac and Lil Wayne or Jay Z?