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  1. Annegelic

    Contra - Vampire Weekend

    Cousins is the only good song.
  2. Annegelic

    Soundwave Festival 2010

    bloody fucking YES jimmy eat world replaced MCR. Moreso joined MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK/glassjaw/sunny day real estate/rx bandits sidewave. Am definitely there. This was what i wanted 5 months ago fckers!!
  3. Annegelic

    Soundwave Festival 2010

    Any venue will be muddy if there's dirt and rain. I went to the last two soundwaves, sydney park is so much worse than eastern creek. I always catch one straight 50min train to the city from out west. It's not fucking hard.
  4. Annegelic

    Soundwave Festival 2010

    eastern creek works for soundwave. learn to use a train, i hear they go to blacktown sometimes.
  5. Annegelic

    Australian Idol

    I cheered when Kim left. Hayley and Stan are good in their own ways but Hayley should win. Have a cool pop punk chick idol for a change.
  6. Annegelic

    Soundwave Festival 2010

    ^yeh same. with all these "omgbestlineupeverintheuniverse" rants why hasn't it sold out yet.
  7. Annegelic

    Soundwave 2010 kthx
  8. Annegelic

    Future Music Festival 2010

    compared to a lot of shit fests coming up, this is pretty damn good.
  9. Annegelic

    Soundwave Festival 2010

    I wish i was kidding. Different strokes for different folks but the last two shat all over this one. *sigh
  10. Annegelic

    Soundwave Festival 2010

    2nd announcement: Placebo Anthrax Motion City Soundtrack Shinedown Set Your Goals Enter Shikari Closure In Moscow Placebo, MCS and CIM up the ante significantly but still the lineup doesn't live up to the awesomeness of the last two soundwaves.
  11. Annegelic

    Dream Lineup...

    The Script o: man who can't be moved c: breakeven Jason Mraz o: you and i both c: the remedy The Kooks o: do you wanna c: naive Jack's Mannequin o: the mixed tape c: dark blue Jimmy Eat World o: 23 c: the middle Yellowcard o: breathing c: ocean avenue Sugarcult o...
  12. Annegelic

    Australian Idol

    I hate Kim so much. She needs to die kthx.
  13. Annegelic

    the inbetweeners

    This show is old... now. where is it airing? I've got season 1 & 2 on boxset. Simon is the best.
  14. Annegelic

    Favourite YouTube video

    ^yep JK wedding entrance dance is GOLD.
  15. Annegelic

    Australian Idol

    Chicks CAN sing Fooeys if they have the talent. That particular girl did not. Seems that "superhot chick" tag has gone to her head and she now thinks she's better than she actually is. So glad Tim got in, my preferred top 3 atm would be: Tim, Hayley, Nathan
  16. Annegelic

    Best TV series EVER

    True Blood, One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Flight of the Conchords, The Inbetweeners.
  17. Annegelic

    Australian Idol

    He's a lot better than half of the people who already made top 12. If he doesn't get in i'll most likely stop watching.
  18. Annegelic

    Australian Idol

    Someone needs to mention how hot Tim is, who did the Beatles 'Yesterday' in the wildcard show :D
  19. Annegelic

    True Blood

    Season 1 was so last year. Get into season 2.
  20. Annegelic

    homebake 09

    it is a shit lineup.