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  1. doormatt2012

    General Thoughts: Modern History

    I generally think the Modern History exam is relatively ok. Section I focused on the home front at the start of the war, so it was pretty easy referring to and comparing the sources. For Section II, I chose a) from the Germany option, however I don't think I went too well in that section as I...
  2. doormatt2012

    General Thoughts: Senior Science

    I thought it was an easy exam too! Some questions were a bit hard, like question 19 of the multiple choice, but otherwise everything was OK. Finished the exam with an hour to spare and spent the rest of the time revising my answers, fixing my mistakes and adding more detail if I felt I needed...
  3. doormatt2012

    Capture recapture Q

    That question threw me. I ended up skipping that question because I just couldn't remember how to do capture-recapture, although I was taught it in both General Mathematics and Senior Science... :confused: :eek2:
  4. doormatt2012

    Is standard english THAT bad?

    I suppose if it depends on how good you are in English and how interested you are in English. I'm in Year 12 Standard English, and even though I do alright in the subject, I personally do not like English at all. I'd even go as far as saying that if somewhere during this year English becomes...
  5. doormatt2012

    Best 5 games you ever played:

    Pacman Solitaire Space Invaders Monopoly Pinball There's nothing wrong with a classic game or two... :rotfl: