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  1. BloomyLove

    What do now i've finished my HSC?

    Finding a job proves difficult in a small town, so i find myself home alone most days while i'm waiting it out with BAD internet connection. What are some things i could do or hobbies i could take up occupy myself? That don't involve youtube or gaming? What is everybody else doing?:caffeine:
  2. BloomyLove

    Anyone going to Bathurst CSU next year?!

    Hopefully i get accepted into Bteach(sec)/BsocSci(psych)
  3. BloomyLove

    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    It was so bad, it's going to scale me down so much. :( byebye ATAR
  4. BloomyLove

    Plans for post HSC?

    CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. BONFIRE. PUB/POOL PARTY. .... and thats just the rest of my week.
  5. BloomyLove

    HSC Hype Music

    Relax, take it easy - MIKA
  6. BloomyLove

    How hard is Economics?

    It was difficult to start with, after a while it gets better. make sure you learn the basics and don't slack off otherwise something else won't make sence. Everybody has their moment of understanding when everything comes together. if you learn the theory and remorise the definitions, the only...
  7. BloomyLove

    Physics vs Chemistry

    Chemistry is 100% better
  8. BloomyLove

    What if your handwriting is near PERFECT that it looks like it's printed??

    They're probably a replicant and require retirement in order to give the rest of the state a fair go.
  9. BloomyLove

    Realistic Estimate?

    Could somebody please estimate my ATAR? My school has ranked in the 200-300's over the last few years. However, this year we have a poor cohourt. :( Advanced English 35/49 -73% Mathematics 21/36 - 69% PDHPE 11/47 - 72% Economics 4/10 - 81% Chemistry 4/14 - 73% So assuming that I achieve...
  10. BloomyLove

    My photo on my friends profile!!!!

    Nope nope, must be a Sydney thing. We signed the basic HSC stuff months ago confirming address and units, ect. No photos. Did they also ask your favourite colour and rockband? :P
  11. BloomyLove

    Exams by Yourself

    This is the reason I did economics instead of Drama... Economics is now my best class.
  12. BloomyLove

    My photo on my friends profile!!!!

    Nope, don't know. Should we have gotten one?
  13. BloomyLove

    Who didn't study after today's exam ?

    I purchased some Cornettos and slept after work.
  14. BloomyLove

    Supervisors consistancy questions.

    1, In paper two we were told NOT to specify whether we were in advanced or standard. 2, We had to write the name of our text we were refering to in the "exam name" section. 3, I read in another thread that people actually had to write their names on the paper? 4, is there some sort of training...
  15. BloomyLove

    Do you have strict supervisors for your HSC exams? Yes or No?

    they're just stupid. Had to expain to the supervisor how to collect the exam the way everybody else was. Had my hand up forever waiting to get signed off while majority had left and they decided their conversation was more important than my bladder control. /sigh We could keep our question...
  16. BloomyLove

    Pens Down

    Pens down, means pens down. They gave us time after the exam to make sure our student numbers/school numbers were on each page and all the details are filled in correctly, they won't sign you off otherwise, so i'd wait. This happened to me in a trial.
  17. BloomyLove

    Memorising three essays in one night!

    Memorising or writing essays at this point is just silly. just do yourself a mindmap of all the themes, quotes and relevent points, then expand on each point by writing a paragraph for each them, character, ect. especially effective for hamlet, where they can ask you anything, this allows you to...
  18. BloomyLove

    Good/bad exam rooms

    I suppose the advantage of us doing ours in an ill lit shed is that it's not at school.. We don't get the noisy children, just hoons.