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  1. JOSH.

    importance of faculty welcome

    That was so pointless holy shit. I earn $20 an hour and took 2 hours off to go to that, hahahaha, what a waste.
  2. JOSH.

    importance of faculty welcome

    Wait, found it: 26 Feb 2010 - 14:30 - 16:00 City - Broadway Great Hall Haymarket Campus, Block B, Ground level, Room B111
  3. JOSH.

    importance of faculty welcome

    What time/where is it? I'm on George Street/in the city/at work so I might as well ask for an extended lunch and go to it.
  4. JOSH.

    Neone Going to the.. 2u bridiging course today?

    I probably should have gone, but, fuck it.
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    I'm going on the 22nd of February for O-Day. Is there just 1 day or can we do other shit as well? I'm probably going to wear my most bestest He-Man shirt ever. I will be killing it.
  6. JOSH.

    The UTS 2010 Rollcall

  7. JOSH.

    Would anyone believe this?

    i don't think you're lying...i did the same and got 96.50 except for general maths, i did my homework for that throughout the year.
  8. JOSH.

    Parents reaction to ATAR

    When I was 8 years old, one of my sisters had just finished her HSC and I was watching TV with her on her bed (she was babysitting me), anyway she was going through some letters and didn't notice one was from UAC, anyway she opened it and it said her UAI was 90.60 and she freaked out, screaming...
  9. JOSH.

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    96.50 Thanks to the record-breaking class of St. Leo's 2009 :)
  10. JOSH.

    Has anyone else not checked it yet?

    checked it about an hour ago, i got 96.50 i was pretty i just feel meh
  11. JOSH.

    Has anyone else not checked it yet?

    no, not at all, i'm just in no mad rush. yeah i'm going to go to uni, but january 5th is like 2 and a half to 3 weeks away. it's literally next year so there's plenty of time to decide. and i dunno, maybe it's just cause my life is awesome at the moment but i don't want to risk getting upset by...
  12. JOSH.

    Has anyone else not checked it yet?

    Everyone seems so impatient. I haven't checked mine yet, I might look after Christmas or after my sister's wedding (December 30th) so I can tell all my extended family "oh, haha, i don't know i haven't checked it yet." I'm at my work Christmas party though, 1 more drink and I'll probably just...
  13. JOSH.

    Appropriate ATAR Etiquette??

    In regards to ATAR etiquette, what is everyone's opinion on posting a facebook status about your ATAR? I'm sure people are going to write stuff like "Pleasantly surprised :D", "oh well, at least i didn't get a mystery mark :)" and "disappointed :(" but what do you think about posting your...
  14. JOSH.

    Schoolies by yourself

    Obviously. If there are uni forums, then why aren't you posting in them? Why are you posting in a high school thread? Oh wait, that's right... Except for one thing, your "previous experiences and opinions" weren't "very helpful" or "useful" to me at all, they were just mean. Hypocrite. Yeah...
  15. JOSH.

    who's scared about their atar?

    I'm going to shit myself right before I look at it, or at least feel like I'm going to shit myself. I'll probably look at it on the toilet with my laptop. I'm so scared :(
  16. JOSH.

    Ross Gittins reviews the HSC Economics exam

    Ross Gittins. Ross, Ross, Gittins, Gittins.
  17. JOSH.

    Schoolies by yourself

    Why? Because I'm by myself? DAT KUNT IZ BY 'IMSELF, SO FARKIN BASHT I'm not.
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    "last 10 visitor(s) to view your page were: Clifford" hey jim

    "last 10 visitor(s) to view your page were: Clifford" hey jim
  19. JOSH.

    Schoolies by yourself

    Ok I'm not going at all anymore, hahahaha