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  1. vivi.nri

    Year 12 final days...

    Imagine being introverted 🤪 can't relate lol.
  2. vivi.nri

    what's getting you through the HSC?

    whats getting me through? its the fact that after hsc i can start a bonfire in my backyard to burn my notes and not feel guilty. also starting my christmas casual so i can save money to do a motorcycle intro course :D
  3. vivi.nri

    Pre HSC State/ Post ATAR state

    Dram Course: cybersecurity Dream Uni: macquarie uni Early offers you have: bachelor of cybersec How are you feeling? high What do you want to tell your future self? i dealt with hsc like a champ and i hope you're not a depressed young adult :D
  4. vivi.nri

    motivation - after HSC plans?

    - i'm gonna start my christmas casual at jb hi fi. - then use that money to book myself into a motorcycle intro course for no good reason - start learning jap srsly and possibly korean - maybe viet too so i dont disappoint my ancestors - go to wet n wild (raging waters now) w a few friends - go...
  5. vivi.nri

    80+ atar my dudes?

    分かります thou art.... a saint periodt 🙌🙏
  6. vivi.nri

    80+ atar my dudes?

    sooo..... is it possible? eng standard (i suck at this subject) mark: 15/20 and this was just luck rank: 9/92 THIS IS GONNA DROP MARK MY WORDS - ok normally i get around the 60s and 70s maths adv marks: 67/69 and 43/48 rank: 7/51 jap cont mark: 86/100 rank: 13/50 bio marks: 29/30 and...
  7. vivi.nri

    All my entertainment industry notes

    can someone pls share the notes with me? ( thank you!