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    I did The Lottery by Shirley Jackson as my related text
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    thoughts on purposefully failing a subject you can't drop but have a backup plan for?

    technically couldn't you drop it bc you already did IPT?
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    #welcome #general-chat

    Exactly, there's a lot more freedom with the english extension subjects. It's pretty good but its also a lot of work
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    one month until prelims!

    I also do ext maths and ext eng! For english advanced, my school does an essay test. Make sure to get good quotes and memorise them and their techniques if it's an essay. A TEE table or some form of quotes table is great for this! Also practice writing essays under pressure. For me english ext...
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    How to study for English?

    I'd create a table of quotes, and categorise them by key themes. Include the techniques used in the quote, as well as a mini-analysis. This can be quite helpful when studying! I'm not very good at remembering quotes but in the past when trying to remember terms for French (back when I did it...
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    #welcome #general-chat

    wake up at 3am, study until 5am, work out until 7am, go to class, do school, study until 2am, get 99 atar. just kidding, that's rubbish. honestly, I don't really have a 'routine' anymore, covid really threw me off. I just try to get by without feeling like total crap. when i did have some...
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    Language continuers or beginners

    Same at my school, they only offer continuers and you must have done the language in years 9 - 10, but in some circumstances (very rarely) there have been people doing beginners (there's only one person doing a beginners course in my year, which is japanese beginners and they just go with the...
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    Language continuers or beginners

    As you mentioned, NESA has a requirement that you must have done a certain amount of hours in the language in order to qualify for continuers, and since you didn't do it in year 9 or 10 I don't think you would qualify, so you'd likely have to do Japanese beginners. Good luck!
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    How hard is it really?

    I don't necessarily think that it will be easier, but I do think that scaling will be different and what marks land you in the top band will be different because everyone's struggling right now and that would lead to lower averages. But that's just a theory...
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    is Covid 19/ pandemics environmental ethics or bioethics?

    I don't do SOR, but I think the one that fits better personally is bioethics, but either angle could work as long as you have sufficient evidence.
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    extension 2 english

    Honestly, I don't think marks are a good indication as to whether or not you should do it. I don't know about your school, but mine does an assessment in term 3 for ext 1 in year 11 that is similar to what you would do in ext 2 which is a good indicator of what the course is like. Maybe talk to...
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    Math help- polynomials

    holy crap, your handwriting is gorgeous.
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    #welcome #general-chat

    To clarify: I meant that if you have a class with people who are really loud and annoying, working from home is much easier because you don't have that distraction. Good luck with school too, hope tomorrow is alright. :(
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    #welcome #general-chat

    I personally prefer being at school, I need a rigid routine. I've been back three days a week (year 12 four days at my school) and we're going back full time next week.. wish me luck! I find being able to discuss things face to face with my teachers is much easier, and I'm willing to sacrifice...
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    "Picture of Dorian Gray" Anaylsis?

    Also found this!
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    "Picture of Dorian Gray" Anaylsis?

    For political and social context, I would look into the aesthetic movement as well as the role of the Dandy. This website has chapter by chapter analysis as well as theme tracking. If I come across anything else I'll let you know. Good luck!
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    "Picture of Dorian Gray" Anaylsis? Hopefully this helps, I find spark notes are good! What analysis are you looking for specifically? We're doing the Picture of Dorian Gray too but not Frankenstein.
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    Yeah, that's good. Hopefully you'll go back more soon.