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  1. zhertec

    Your Approach To Paper 2

    In the new module B: TS Eliot, do you think they will prescribe a specific poem?
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    Official BOS Trial 2015 Thread

    Anyone know if I can still signup for 2u?
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    Atar Estimate + guidance

    So far in english it has been largely impromptu writing caused by panicking and partial blank outs when writing essays in exams. Also dont have much experience in adapting essays so during a test when a different style of question comes up it causes that cycle of forgetting a significant amount...
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    Atar Estimate + guidance

    If I manage to increase english to top 80 and 2u to 30s would I be able to obtain 98+? assuming that I am able to maintain the rest.
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    Atar Estimate + guidance

    School rank: Top 15 last year, overall top 20 for the past few years. English Adv: 120s/167 Math:57/113 Math Ext 1: 87/115 Chem:2/98 Bio:~6/49 Phys:30s/77 My current dilemma is whether to focus on improving my english rank more than my other subjects or should I focus on my other...
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    Titration calculation Help??

    Read the question properly. So the person who titrated the base with the known acid only used 25mL, not all (250mL) of the base, hence that is why I used 0.025 rather than 0.25.
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    How would I sketch this? (3D Trigonometry)

    This is how I imagined it:
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    Physics and Biology or Chemistry and Biology??

    Chemistry > Biology or Physics in terms of the syllabus and overall personal experience :3 Biology > Physics if you like to remember really long intricate concepts and dislike calculations (albeit there is a very small amount of them still i.e. punnet squares....but yea just squares...)...
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    how to find the area?

    Integrate y=x^3 dx where the boundaries are x=p and x=0 then you get x^4/4 (no plus c as it is definite integral ) sub p in to get p^4/4 which is area under curve. area = l x b l = x B = y hence to get y sub p into x^3 Therfore your final asnwer for rectangle area will be p^4...
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    Who's the highest authority here?

    Maybe there's a hint in their names....hmm Absolute vs. Carrot.. I think Carrot wins in this case though
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    Help with PH Question

    The judgement of monoprotic was determined by the community. I just assumed it was carbonic acid, although this may initially cause the change in ratios, the fact that people say it is monoprotic ensures that it only ionises once, and essentially does not affect the ratio of acid to base. To...
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    Help with PH Question

    That was assuming the rainwater was pure. Regardless, it does not change the value of the pH since we are assuming the acid is of monoprotic nature.
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    Help with PH Question

    Why is everyone saying the POH is 3.5? the pH is 3.5... Because when you are calculating the titration question: C(a) x V(a) = C(b) x V(b) And you calculate that C(a) = (0.0083*0.0095)/0.250 ^that is the concentration of the acid, not the base....and when you -log(base 10) (H+ conc.) that is...
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    Regarding practising chemistry questions

    Generally compare with the answers of success one and dot point etc, but in some cases the answers presented in these books are not that great really, so if that's the case either head to the BOS marking criteria and mark it yourself (however this is somewhat bias and can be both...
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    Distance from Ellipse to Point Q

    On an unrelated note, I feel that integrand was like a state ranker for 3u/4u and is now doing like actuarial studies, am I correct in any sense? lol
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    Bands 6s?

    Judging by the school rank, I would recommend top 10 (leeway a couple ranks) in every subject to have a chance of obtaining a 95+.
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    Bands 6s?

    3 would be guaranteed provided the others are mid-high 80s. I think 0 is still possible if everything is like 88-89. But to be safe at least 2 b6 and the rest high 80s (87+)
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    Bands 6s?

    That is assuming that you do all the high scaling subjects i.e. mx1, mx2, Eng Adv, Chem, Phys/eco.
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    Bands 6s?

    For both 90 and 95, 0 band 6's will still get you there as long as all/most of your subjects are high 80s and have decent scaling. EDIT: In your case, I agree with photo for 95+ 3 would be suffice as long as your other units are in the high 80s.
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    Who's the highest authority here?

    Is there such thing as a super administrator like a super mod? lol