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  1. xMorrow

    The question with the synchronised clocks

    I talked about simultaneity :D
  2. xMorrow

    Band Cut offs

    Anyone know them?
  3. xMorrow

    General Thoughts: Physics

    Easiest test ever, so happy
  4. xMorrow

    Gta v Set in San Andreas, nostalgia engaged.
  5. xMorrow

    What did everyone put as there preferences ?

    Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of telecommunications/B Sci Photonics
  6. xMorrow

    Probably around 50-55% as a raw mark out of 120

    Probably around 50-55% as a raw mark out of 120
  7. xMorrow

    What are you guys scoring in pastpapers?

    Should be enough for band 5
  8. xMorrow

    I was deceived: Anyone else not prepared for SDD?

    I'm pissed off that it's on the second last day lol. I would've liked it to be in week 2 so I could finish on the 4th :(
  9. xMorrow

    How'd everyone go?

    I do physics and chemistry, engineering is definitely harder than both of them.
  10. xMorrow

    How'd everyone go?

    I didn't find it as hard as I was expecting. The calculations weren't too difficult but the drawings killed me. finished it in 2 hours.
  11. xMorrow

    Belonging related material...

    Morton Rhue's novel 'The Wave' Is pretty good, it isn't very long so it doesn't take long to read. Also, Russel Drysdale's painting 'Boy Running' these were my 2 ORT's for belonging this year.
  12. xMorrow

    Anyone else screwed for tomorrow?

    My teacher very poorly taught the mechanics so it's really going to kill my mark in the exam. Also, I fail at the drawings :( haha
  13. xMorrow

    Anyone else screwed for tomorrow?

    I have accepted my defeat for tomorrows exam. I have never really put a lot of work into this topic regarding study and oh boy am I regretting it now :'( How does everyone else feel?
  14. xMorrow

    Purchasing our exam papers back post-ATAR?

    I believe you can but honestly, why would you?
  15. xMorrow

    Just started the HSC course?

    Get the edge on your class mates with this excel study guide at a discounted price :) Good luck with your studies in 2012 :)
  16. xMorrow

    Gwen Harwood Module B Selection of Poems

    I'm preying they don't ask for a specific set of poems or given amount. That being said, if they did give a list it would be highly unlikely that at least one of your poems isn't on it.
  17. xMorrow

    Marks - Confusing?

    Your cohorts pool of external marks are divided evenly across the group based on rankings and spacings, from the rank your school sent to the board of studies. The mark you get is an average of the external mark you score after it has been scaled with the internal mark given to you based on...
  18. xMorrow

    AoS Related Texts

    Yes they may very well ask for 2.
  19. xMorrow

    How to study

    Wrong sub forum, bye.