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  1. sykoticx


    i jus read on the USyd scholarship site.. you're allowed to deferr for 1 year.. but you have to make the decision before the year of the scholarship starts... so basically, you find out if you're accepted or not.. then accept it and then defer before the new year starts...
  2. sykoticx

    Option - Quanta to Quarks

    7 marker.. i was liek wtf?! so many marks!! ><" i was jus rambling.. i want to die that exam was horrid!
  3. sykoticx

    Japanese Extension

    ^ he was a made up character.. its a creative task which required you to be in the shoes of Ototake...
  4. sykoticx

    Japanese Extension

    ^ i was so bullshitting the whole barrier free crap... yeah but using the internet, disabled people can enter a world free of barriers. where there are no restrictions which allow for them to explore and expand their horizons.
  5. sykoticx

    Japanese Extension

    i said stuff about Yatchan and how he looked up to Yatchan and stuff.. and how in order to be friends with Yatchan he had to make a reserved seat on the landing ro some crap like that...
  6. sykoticx

    Japanese Extension

    What were your thoughts on today's exam?! I personally thought it was easy... The questions were pretty straightforward.... and the long responses were so basic.... The RENET question fit my notes perfectly.. and then I turned over and another technology question which was good!! =) hope...
  7. sykoticx

    Japanese Continuers

    ^ ><"" LEAVE ME ALONE!! *screams* i realised that after I left!!
  8. sykoticx

    Your Exam Supervisors

    mine are quite nice.. they're such pushovers though... supervisor: students please be quiet in the exam room [dead silence for 2 sec] *students talk loudly* [10 mins later] repeat... lol...
  9. sykoticx

    HSC Speaking Examination

    ermm.. i was told by my teacher to keep it short and simple... because if you're good you'll get all the good stuff out in within 3 - 5 minutes.. anything after that you'll just be bs-ing so your marks just start to diminish.. cause you tend to make more mistakes later on...
  10. sykoticx

    Japanese Continuers

    WTF?!?! THAT WAS GREECE?!?! I sat there pulling my hair out wondering wtf Girisha was... I couldn't find it in my dictionary.. ><"" omg i was like yeah "Thai and other foods.." and we're allowed to use dictionaries during reading time? OMG i must use this time wisely!! ><" *hi 5* to...
  11. sykoticx

    Role of Chemist

    ^ LMAO same here.. I used "Luke" from Conq. Chem...
  12. sykoticx

    Japanese Continuers

    ^ seriously.. i think there was something wrong with the reading and writing.. some of the questions were so cryptic... it required more than simply a translation.. it needed your interpretation.. cause like there were so many marks allocated! ><""
  13. sykoticx

    Japanese Continuers

    *cries* i screwed up!! there goes my uai and band 6... ><" BOS were really cheap... that Gap Year question was used before in the HSC... lazy ass people!!
  14. sykoticx

    Answers To Difficult Questions

    S02? I got like 1.2L or something... pH is the same.. red then violet yeah? KOH i got 3mL as well.. Chlorine conc... it was liek 18050ppm and as for that dilution question.. it was (d) 900mL
  15. sykoticx

    General Thoughts - Chemistry

    it was an alright test... calculations were abit tricky and multiple choice!! ><" but overall pretty good... but this means it'll be harder to get band 6..
  16. sykoticx

    General Thoughts - English Adv Paper 2

    module b is fucked.. in the skin of a lion is a fucked book!!! i don't ever have to do it again... that question screwed me over completely...
  17. sykoticx

    Module A - Transformations

    this question scared me at first.. but it was quite easy to tweak.... 2 themes or "elements" was so easy to get around... use 2 general ideas and then link it back at the end...
  18. sykoticx

    Section 2

    omfg... i had like half and hour for this... and I didn't have a clue what to write about so I jus rambled on.. and then randomly "yeah everywher he goes people chat to him"... omg.. there goes my UAI...
  19. sykoticx

    Section 1

    *slits wrist* mg.. it was a horrid section I... and I was expecting something basic...
  20. sykoticx

    Stat/pharmacy Entry

    ummm.. yeah i was at the lecture at USyd... Basically STAT score needs to be above 150... and after that you get ranked by UAI..