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    Has anyone got any notes for Robert Gray Poetry?

    Check my Description
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    How to study Science?

    Khan Academy & The Organic Chemistry Tutor. Not 100% a joke.
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    Western Sydney University and University of New South Wales Collaborative Program

    Surprised at this collab, honestly, since it's an easy way for UNSW to poach WSU's best and brightest. Increasing UNSW's ranking (and decreasing WSU's) without any change to teaching methods/industry links/other services etc. Obviously, must be some other part of the deal I'm not seeing. (That...
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    Quick Acid/Base Buffer Question

    A strong acid is added. This means to counteract the change in pH, the base (A-) in the buffer has to react with the H+ to reduce the H+ concentration. A- + H -> HA The product is HA. Therefore HA increases. OH decreases because the solution still becomes more acidic when you add the acid...
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    HSC Atar Estimate (bad internal)

    Depends on your definition of success. You're going to get into university & will have a wide selection of degrees to choose from. The talent100 atar estimater is pretty good.
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    Looking for a volunteering opportunity? We're accepting new applications!

    For those looking for scholarships dependent on community engagement and leadership, such as the New Colombo Plan Scholarship, or equity scholarships which typically also have this in their criteria, this seems like a pretty good opportunity NGL.
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    Latin Continuers tutors recommendation

    I can refer you on to my sister. She completed her degree in 2019 Majoring in Latin + Ancient Greek. Won Nicholson Medal in 2019 (Latin Translation prize) and is beginning masters this year in Sanskrit. She has a lot of HSC tutoring experience and has tutored both Latin and English to HSC students.
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    ~60 atar

    put your subjects in here to figure out what it takes
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    is going tutoring discriminating and unfair?

    It's unfair but unsolvable, mostly unfair because your ATAR is meant to reflect your aptitude to succeed at university and tutoring is going to help you raise that rank but not to a great extent your aptitude IMO. There's definitely value to it on an individual level. Considering you guys live...
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    Lowest target ATAR to get into postgrad medicine?

    Yeah, I'll disagree with this one lol.
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    Studying for HSC abroad, Would like a good online tutoring service for ENG ADV

    So, with English, there are dozens of texts you can do for each module. You could study english essay structures but I doubt that would translate to a high english mark without knowing the text you would do for the HSC. You could also start on your creative writing skills & short answer...
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    Studying for HSC abroad, Would like a good online tutoring service for ENG ADV

    What highschool are you enrolled in? Shouldn't they give you materials? Sadly, you can't just learn HSC content by yourself and then get the HSC which you seem to be?? You can get some free english help by the person in my description, I highly recommend that. I could give you some recommended...
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    Looking for an affordable SOR1 tutor for marking

    I'd ask the HSC discussion group 2021 if you don't find anyone here. PPl advertise SOR tutoring there all the time. Off-topic but Excellent website for SOR
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    Fresh grad or experienced tutor?

    Fresh grad but only if they've done the exact texts you've done unless the experienced tutor is highly knowledgeable which is far from guaranteed. Obviously, high school English text analysis isn't the pinnacle of English writing and my sister can rip Band 6 essays to shreds. Genuinely helps...
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    Good laptops for Uni??

    Don't know if this has been mentioned, but excel on mac has less functionality than excel on windows & it's super annoying to use excel in particular on VMware or likewise which your uni will likely provide. The M1 macs are looking pretty sweet right now, especially because of the thermal...
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    FREE Resources For 40 Subjects! Full Course Notes

    This is great! I'm adding the stuff i don't have to the folder! Glad to see the drive is on the list Fyi, this seems to be a link to a folder on your computer so I can't access it. "file:///C:/Users/Keya2/OneDrive/year%2012/3U_PRELIM_HSC_QTN_COMPILATION_%20(2).pdf"
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    Doing Bachelor of Arts at USYD with 59 ATAR?

    How would you get into USYD with 59 ATAR? Preferably Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Philosophy. For my friend. He's very bright & he'd get all the disadvantaged ATAR point adjustments. (Cohort has a 50% drop out rate in year 10. 3/10 people in the yr12 cohort received ATARs) It would be ok if...
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    Anyone from UTS interested in hanging out next semester?

    Because I was posting on this website a bit and didn't think about the previous cohort having already graduated before asking. :^P Didn't think hard and thought the UTS forum would be full of UTS students instead of high school students. I'm pretty active when it comes to societies.. I'm an...
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    Anyone from UTS interested in hanging out next semester?

    We could chat on discord & maybe have drinks/coffee together at uni. Currently doing Mechanical Engineering & Chemistry Duel degree, second year. Really interested in the humanities though.
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    Double Degree Question

    I'm currently doing a mechanical engineering degree duel with chemistry and I'm in my second year. I highly recommend the 4 year degree. Employers want on the job experience, in relation to industry, 4 years + 1 year of experience is worth far more than 5 years of experience. I don't regret...