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  1. Ghost1788

    Visual Basic 2005 Express

    I recommend Inno Setup for this. Just compile your project in vb and then use tell inno to use the required files into its installer. Its v.simple and v. effective. (TIP: use the templates) -Ghost
  2. Ghost1788

    The Official Cricket Thread 2006/2007

    Yay Sri Lanka actually won..*feels so proud of my country*:) :)
  3. Ghost1788


    climb harbour bridge if u have the money
  4. Ghost1788

    I like or am doing physics because...?

    yea what he said and i love studying science
  5. Ghost1788

    2006 UTS Offers

    b Engineering(software) / Dip Eng Prac
  6. Ghost1788

    UTS Email: Account Activation?

    when does uni start btw
  7. Ghost1788

    whats ure pay rate and where do u work?

    Rofl... come to my work and say that again... half the maids have very poor english..most of which i cant understand...:) Rate(normal):$17.3 Rate(saturday): $20.7 Rate(sunday):dunno havent worked sundays yet.. Rate(public holiday): $38 i'm 17 and work at a Hotel in the city
  8. Ghost1788

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    age: 17 job: Houseman wage: $17.31 p/hr + benefits + super etc.
  9. Ghost1788

    What are people creating for the HSC?

    remember its the theory not too much the programming that is marked in most schools.. as such concentrate more on theory...i made that mistake
  10. Ghost1788

    practice physics questions??

    i can also vouche for this this book will definitely help you to learn how to answer questions the way a band 6 student should
  11. Ghost1788

    iPod battery sucks hardcore

    i think you should charge it over night for the first time..then afta that 4 or 5 hrs
  12. Ghost1788

    What does "You're a Nice Guy" Actually Mean?

    ditto btw how exactly do you reject them nicely.. . I seem to suck at that and i feel bad for it..
  13. Ghost1788

    Yr.12 Space PRAC exam

    atwoods machine...i say no more best be prepared with a few experiments to cater for a variety of equipment availiablility
  14. Ghost1788

    ...Gravitational Potential Energy...

    the formula is well explained in most textbooks. but if u didnt read it or have a book that is one of the minority that doesnt explain it then here goes(though considering that its a syllabus dot point...) GPE is thought of the work required to move an object from a point to infinity...
  15. Ghost1788

    any tips for 2006 phys students?

    Read through the text book and understand the concepts, and do past papers
  16. Ghost1788

    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

    try wikipedia, google, Jacaranda, encarta online..
  17. Ghost1788

    WARNING: Those doing software 2006...

    it wasnt too bad..though yea it really is a subject that requires the whole course to be self taught