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  1. electrik1991

    Newstep 2009

    no i havent because i only opened the envelope about 30 minutes ago. this is what i have on the sheet; 'Your inital password id the four character access key on your student card followed by they day and month in ddmm format.' i have my uni student number, just no access key.
  2. electrik1991

    Newstep 2009

    i dont think i can cause i dont have an id card.
  3. electrik1991

    Newstep 2009

    Ok, i got mine today. but the letter i got says that enrolment closes today????:mad1:
  4. electrik1991

    Newstep 2009

    I sent mine from when first round offers came out and still havent heard anything ={
  5. electrik1991

    Newstep 2009

    whaaaat when did you apply?
  6. electrik1991

    Newstep 2009

    I applied as soon as first rounds came out, and i think theyve extended the date to the 6th for applications. but will people who applied wayy before that get notified before others who applied after the original application date?
  7. electrik1991

    So i didnt get into what i would have liked...

    I wanted to get into B teach/B Arts at Newcastle, but missed out cause they raised the uai. If i apply for B teach/B Early Childhood instead and get accepted, can i change to arts?
  8. electrik1991

    Exam Thoughts

    EPIC FAIL.that is all.but Pop culture was awesome
  9. electrik1991

    How much have you studied?

    I don't think im going to do well. the problem was that my S&C teacher left to become deputy. there was noone else to teach the subject because they wernt qualified so they had to get another teacher who didnt know anything to teach us. it was very difficult to learn content as i dont think he...
  10. electrik1991

    less then 24 hours

    I think I'm screwed. WHO WITH ME!
  11. electrik1991

    If you've lost your virginity, at what age?

    Fourteen But at that time it was with my boyfriend of six months. I'm still with him and will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary next week
  12. electrik1991

    Pip Topic Ideas

    This has been done so many times.
  13. electrik1991

    Boobs in the PIP

    What a terrible topic. you should do feminism instead
  14. electrik1991

    Popular Culture: Television.

    I'm doing television too. There's no resources on this site and i only have my excel textbook to revise. the excel textbook is all in gibberish haha
  15. electrik1991

    theories of social change

    Could someone outline the theories of social change? i have very minimal information on them. i only know conflict theory and functionalist theory.
  16. electrik1991

    How did everyone go?

    Contemp theatre and tragedy were pretty much the same question, just redirected. schweet
  17. electrik1991

    Drama Exam Tomorrow

    I ws a lucky sod and acctually saw Seven Stages a couple of years ago when i was in year 10. it was pretty amazing and i'm lucky i wrote stuff down expecting to do it in year 12 haha.
  18. electrik1991

    How did everyone go?

    I personally think the questions were freaking awesome.
  19. electrik1991

    2008 PIP marks

    is there ever a time where we CAN find out our mark for only the PIP, not just bands? I've heard its not for at least a year after we get our marks back.