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  1. hsvd_g

    PICIS and The Jakarta Declaration

    neva heard of PICIS before..
  2. hsvd_g

    Were they trying to be funny or something

    sports med and improving performance i was screamin to get 3 pages done on each..
  3. hsvd_g

    PDHPE exam was a sick joke

    yep i thought the exam was hard and worded really weird.. expect no mroe then band 2
  4. hsvd_g

    What do you think you got?

    expecting nothin more than a band 3 even with aligned marks :(
  5. hsvd_g

    How Did Everyone Go ?????

    what was the go with the question of what are barriers to using protecxtive equipment???? With the Health priorities question ( i cant memba wot number it was) but i rang the HSC advice line and da guy said that i had to know 4 priority areas out of the 6.. did any1 else do that??
  6. hsvd_g

    option: sports medicene

    i just ballbered on and on about modification of sports, rules to prevent injury, RICER method if one was to obtain an injury
  7. hsvd_g

    The Messyness!

    sometimes, the answers do not matter at all.. its the working out layout that mostly counts lately
  8. hsvd_g

    One scene of a movie???

    i used the 'Breaking the Rules Scene' in Witness!! I sorta referred back to how book was at the Amish District in the first place
  9. hsvd_g

    Module C: Texts and Society

    i wrote an essay for some unknown reason.. it might have been do either speech, report, presumption... i dunno
  10. hsvd_g

    Module B: Close Study of Text

    it was a speech wasnt it?? coz i wrote out as a speech!
  11. hsvd_g

    Module A: Experience Through Language

    i feel i went very well with this module.. Its now just a matter of finding out my results.. When do we get the results available on the net??
  12. hsvd_g

    Module B: Close Study of Text

    in this one i reckon i went pretty well.. I just blabbered on about a how heap of crap that happened in Witness' scene 'breaking the rules'
  13. hsvd_g

    Module C: Texts and Society

    lol i cant remember what was in it now..
  14. hsvd_g

    How do you think you did?

    Stupid Question but, What is ESL??
  15. hsvd_g

    How did u link Q3 with yourself?

    Argh crap, i related it to everything but me lol because i figured that if it was an essay you cant include your own personal views like, "I think..."
  16. hsvd_g

    who ran out of time?!

    I had ran out of time too I done probably only one page on section 2 because if i kept on going, Section 3 would not have been attempted miss out out on a pissle 5-10 marks.. I MUST SPARE MY TIME IN PAPER 2 and do better!
  17. hsvd_g

    How many exams do YOU have?

    5 in total for me!! 4 to go!!
  18. hsvd_g

    AOS Exam Scan

    Hey Rafy, it'll be god if u could get copies of all the exam papers like general maths, english paper 2, PDHPE and Senior Science exam papers and any others u could get ur hands on as it could be possilbe to sell the booklets to this years yr11!!
  19. hsvd_g

    How Much Did U Write?

    alot of you guys wrote ALOT more then me.. I went: -Sect. 1. 4 Pages -Sect 2. 2 Pages -Sect 3. 4 Pages I still think i went alrite but i would have loved if the exam went for 3 hours instead of 2