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    UTS Advisory Day - 05/01/05

    you can walk it if you want.. or just take the free but packed bus trip go uts first if you want to eat free stuff first
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    Business@UTS vs. Commerce@UNSW

    3 hours free parking at Broadway shopping centre. You can just keep moving your car in and out if you want. Gets tiring and annoying though. Wouldn't suggest to do it on a daily schedule.
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    Combined Engineering/business degree

    The uai will increase or decrease depending on the demand for the course (ie. how many put it as their preference). 2 years ago, the uai cutoff was i think close to 88 and went down for this year. Doesn't seem like it'll change much for next year... not sure though. ok cya next year.
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    Combined Engineering/business degree

    mon on 1005 posts... ur on fire... newayz i'm doing B Eng/B Bus and yeah, MoNNiE pretty much sums it up. To me, engineering seems relatively harder than business subjects so it's nice to have those business subjects. The first year is basically filled with engineering subjects (4 for 1st or...
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    What's Computer Engineering like?

    mon is a net junkieeeee mon is a junkieee!! 1000+ posts already... how's ur boi ay? ;-) haha do u ever see him around? umm yeah, it's hard to land a job in the IT industry nowadays because the IT industry is saturated already... that means there are a lot of people looking for IT work...
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    Exam Results are OUT (Wed 21/07)

    Yeah man, so much ppl logged on atm. umm.. Can't u ask for a remark of your final exam? hehe my friend got 19 for efs... lol... they totally messed his 1 up! He prolly got 91... but they typed it wrong.. he'll get it changed soon though... hahaha but as of now, in the eyes of uts, he...
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    Supplementary Exams

    Yeap doing IEE... cya there Maria. n cya next sem Mon...
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    Exam Results are OUT (Wed 21/07)

    FAR out... it's morning and they still haven't put the FAR list up. Err.. unreliable..
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    Maths assignment

    Does anyone know who got the highest for this assignment? If not... what's the highest mark from the people you know? Just curious...
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    Phys Mod Exam

    180 Marks?!?!?!?! The 2002 Spring Final exam was only 110 marks... how come this one increased by 70 marks?! aya... how did everyone find it? I only attempted around 70% of the paper... damn so much work... i'll just hope for the best...
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    HD? Are you going to get HD Static? I mean, from your marks outta 70 so far... what r u on?
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    lol negative coz an english subject in engineering?!?! but yeah... it's actually good coz it's prolly the easiest sub to pass in
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    ELSSA can be a good thing though if ur bothered... you can go there and ask if they can have a look at your essay and ask them for advice... lol mon... u have to go to ELSSA?!
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    my friend hasn't done his diagnostic test yet and won't do it... lol... it ain't part of the assessment weighting so i guess they want u to do it, but u don't have to... you don't have to go to ELSSA... you have to go to tutes though, coz participation there is marked... you don't have to...
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    BOA N SHINHWA coming to sydney!!

    lol dude, it's Point Guard 5 not PAGE 5 uts is alrite... how about you winniston?? long time no talk... u coming to see boa as well?! :-) tickets r expensive though... argh...
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    BOA N SHINHWA coming to sydney!!

    Korean pop music festival (to celebrate 30 years of australian korean immigration Date: 21st June 2004 Time: 7:30-11pm Venue: Main concert hall, sydney opera house Tickets: S ($200), A ($130), B($100) Gasoos that have confirmed they are coming: Hyori, Boa, Shin seung hoon...
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    Great places to eat and fun things to do near UTS

    Hey... how about you bring noodles to uts and use the boiling hot water there?! my gf n i brought over migoreng every day in a fortnight... during our breaks we used their boiling water at building 6! hehe... save money! and/or just bring food and heat it up at the microwaves at uts near...
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    in our camp... it was full raining... 'the first camp'.... and we had to walk a few hundered metres to get to the toxic swamp place... i thought that sucked, im' still sick from it. it was a good experience living in a tin shed with mossies everywhere.. lol... nice to meet new ppl
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    How much?

    4 typed pages with 1.5 line spacing for question 26 (1333 words, font 12).. prolli equivalent to 2-3 booklets & 2 typed pages wid 1.5 line spacing for question 27 (bout 650 words, font 12) equivalent to bout 1-2 booklets and yes... by repeating 'magical 20' over and over again makes me want...
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    >>>>>>>> Economics Die