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  1. kkewi90

    what should i wear to the interview??

    i got an interview as a junior medical receptionist =] what should i wear?
  2. kkewi90

    What have you eaten today?

    i had tiramusu for brekky LOL
  3. kkewi90

    Most commonly craved food?

    icecreamicecreamicecreamicecreamicecream!! ><
  4. kkewi90

    Japanese Extension

    i found the exam ok but i still screwed up T_T misinterpreted the questions
  5. kkewi90

    Japanese Continuers

    u sad case =] abe told us specifically we could LOL
  6. kkewi90

    Japanese Continuers

    yeah some of the stuff was similar to stuff from previous papers... the sushi making dude in listening was like some other dude wanting to work in a hotel or something.. also ive seen a similar question to that *what season should ur fd come* writing Q
  7. kkewi90

    Japanese Continuers

    it was easy =]
  8. kkewi90

    Term 4 07/08 Jap Extension.

    *gasps* kubi is so cute, dont you just love kubi??? In the beginning extension may seem hard coz of the looong writing tasks but it will eventually get easier. I think you should try for for more than a month before deciding whether or not you're gonna drop it
  9. kkewi90

    Term 4 07/08 Jap Extension.

    Do extension! =] it may be challenging at first but it will get easier coz there's really not much to do. it will also make continuers writing become a piece of cake coz you'll be used to writing 600ji rather than 300ji
  10. kkewi90

    Wisdom teeth

    i got mines surgically removed before they started actually growing out of the gums in yr9. way less painful in my opinion. if i let them grow they'd have pushed all my other teeth crooked =]
  11. kkewi90

    What do you consider to be 'good' fantasy?

    I AGREE WITH ALL THAT! isobelle carmody, julliet marillier and robin hobb are the best!! i've reread isobelle carmody's books so many times and i cant belive the stone key is finally gonna be out in october!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. kkewi90

    The Obernewtyn Chronicles

    i read them in yr7 too!! they're still one of my favourite books =] the new covers are cool but then my book covers wont be all the same which is not good =[ CANT WAIT UNTIL THE STONE KEY
  13. kkewi90

    Japanese in the Future

    im planning to continue studying japanese in uni but not so sure what im gna do with it in the more drama & anime? LOL
  14. kkewi90

    Jap Extension Speaking 07 - Thoughts

    TOTALLY AGREE lol, the exam was easier than i expected but i didnt answer as well as i wanted T_T did the entertainment and disabled discrimination one, i was sooo lost with the friends thing
  15. kkewi90

    Spirited away for Extension??

    yeah my teacher said they're gna do spirited away T_T soo not fair
  16. kkewi90

    HSC Speaking Examination

    I TOTALLY AGREE!! my examiner asked most most basic Qs so i couldnt really expand and demonstrate depth of knowlegde etcetc i wanna go newton for extension!! im going to james cook at 9, soo far T_T
  17. kkewi90

    F'ed up '07 Muck Up Photo!

    we had advanced photography too exactly the same experience, but it started to rain when we did ours!! there's grey clouds up the top of the normal & muck up one T_T
  18. kkewi90

    Speaking Examination Centre Letter

    mines during trials too, btoh continuers and extension are at james cook 9am T_T
  19. kkewi90

    Speaking Examination Centre Letter

    11am?!?! lucky!! i have to wake up early to get there =[
  20. kkewi90

    Speaking Examination Centre Letter

    everyone get there letter? got mines james cook