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    Hey , I am available for tutoring in business studies. I achieved a Band 6 last year, and this year I am studying a Bachelor of Business at UTS. I am also able to proof read your ESL work and help with grammar. I live in the Strathfield area. $20 an hour. If your interested feel free to call...
  2. twisted_baybeeh

    Do you need a business studies tutor?

    Hi! My name is Samantha and I am providing tutoring in Business Studies! I completed business studies last year for the HSC and received a Band 6. ( with a UAI in the 90's! ) I am also currently studying a Bachelor of Business at UTS. I promise to make Business Studies fun and easy to...
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    Need tutoring in business studies or chinese beginners? - Band 6 Tutor

    Do you need help with business studies? I received band 6 in business studies HSC last year and have experience helping other students improve. If you live in the Strathfield/Burwood/Ashfield/Croydon/Homebush area I can come to you! $25 an hour, can be negotiated. Please contact me by...
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    Chinese continuers

    The hardest exam i have done yet! It was awful! Much harder then last years in my opinion! :burn:
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    Preparing for the chinese continuers hsc

    bua ha ha ha.. doesnt look like i will be having much competition today!!!!!!
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    Modern Historians?

    i cant find my cameron and lawless text book! ARGH!
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    anyone else SCREWEDDD for HSC EXAM ancient history?

    even if you do spend 4 or 5 days studying for it there is soo much content to learn.. which isnt made much easier when you throw in historian comments and sources.. sources for pompeii would have to be the hardest in my opinion! How an earth am i supposed to remember how to spell all those...
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    Trial Marks for Ancient

    heh i only got 91 %
  9. twisted_baybeeh

    Writing your name in section III

    Mines just signed " The Consultant "
  10. twisted_baybeeh

    are you ready for the exam?

    i did the same.. spent too much time on eeeeeeeeenglish! tho i reckon i could get at least 80% for business tomorow at the level i am at now.. really need to study my butt off
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    It was easy! Do you agree?

    a bit tooo easy if you ask me. i was expecting there to be specified.. or speeches or conversations or something With cluless i talked about the 'features' or whatever it was of characters and themes, so that i could incorporate the themes of vanity and social structure in to it as well...
  12. twisted_baybeeh

    2007 HSC Business Paper ext responses?

    I have the biggest hunch there will be an essay type question on global! So i am studying my butt off for that section. There will probably be a business report type question on Financial/Management Although looking at the trends in the previous years they tend to have a bit of everything...
  13. twisted_baybeeh

    Section 1

    i said his attitude towards the journey was contemplative? could be wrong.. it didnt sound quite right ,
  14. twisted_baybeeh

    Section 2

    I thought it was ok! =] My story involved the night sky and stars and stuff ( among other things ) so i just used the sentence when describing the stars "A mosaic, a dance of broken, gleaming fragments". and kept refering to the night sky as a mosaic of gleaming fragments so hopefully it...
  15. twisted_baybeeh

    Section 1

    Yea i could pick the contrasts in text 2 but it was hard to link it to the journey . !! text 3 was too hard to do in an examine condition , was like wtf? coas i could only read it once then skim read again. text 1 was ok... text 2 wasnt very journey like in my opinion.
  16. twisted_baybeeh

    Imaginative Journey: Unexpected Destinations

    i did alot of what you guys said..talking about how the destination could be phsycial, or a state of mind or realisation. I only really talked about prospero tho =\ forgot to throw in my stuff about miranda
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    Preparing for the chinese continuers hsc

    How is everyone preparing for the chinese continuers hsc? Personally my weakest areas are listening and writing, so i have done at least 4 practice writing responses to past hsc questions. Problem is i have no idea how to guess if i have written well enough to get 9/9 or not blah. How is...
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    Last Day of School Ever!!!

    omg graduation day today! Yesterday was final real day with classes but it hasnt hit me yet =\ gah
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    Who here actually wants to be an engineer?

    interested in engineering? Check out has great articles etc.
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    techniques in emma and clueless?

    alas not even my TEACHER seems to be helping me with this one T.T