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    A question. I started studying today...

    thanks alot guys that makes me feel better. ahwell, better start studying...i havent done a thing since i last posted this. :D
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    my BOW stinks

    thats unfortunate for you, i really tried hard to avoid taking the teacher's advice this year. and although i felt good about it, it ended up pissing off my teachers and i got a pretty crap mark. thats really nice of you though. hope u got better marks than u think ;)
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    A question. I started studying today...

    i second that TELL ME ABOUT IT. I 'v had days to study but so far havent moved a pen. Two days to go :D p.s thanks for that, i guess i really dont know my stuff. im sitting here trying to structure a conceptual framework essay, and i cant even work out what i'm supposed to be dealing with =\
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    A question. I started studying today...

    I am doing a past paper, 2004, and i came across this question: "“It is wishful thinking to suppose that we all see art in the same way; contexts change and so do our perceptions. “ Account for the ways beliefs and attitudes shape our perceptions of the art of the past. " It says that...
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    juicebox speaks alot of sense I know where your coming from. and as for u 'sarah is happy' ur a fucking retard. before telling other people to 'enjoy themselves' why dont you go jump off a cliff and keep your lectures for your children or people that give a shit about why YOU(aka...
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    Quanta to Quarks thoughts

    you didnt mention his exclusion principle?
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    Quanta to Quarks thoughts

    What did you guys get for that pauli contribution question...
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    General Thoughts

    you thought the parenting and caring question was easy?? what did you write for it, i could only get limited points down. i dont know how it is even possible to draw FIFTEEN marks out of that.
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    How Did You Answer The Parenting And Caring Part C?

    worst question ever. i wrote more on parenting and caring b) than on c). i crapped on about how parents have the right to discipline their kids to a larger extent than teachers, and act as role models etc. then i crapped on about how carers should consult parents before installing any...
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    help =[

    Thanks heaps! that is very helpful, where did u get those questions with the marking comments from? Good luck =]
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    help =[

    I'm going over the 'Individuals and Work' sylabbus and my teacher has done such a crappy job at teaching us the 'students learn to' column. it's been like completely ignored, that is however, iv notcied, where most of the long responses come from. so no wonder my class gets such bad marks...
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    Art Theory

    Well it's nice to have the majorwork out of the way, but there's still the theory, and I find myself sitting here wondering what exactly I'm supposed to be studying. My teachers have done a crappy job at teaching the theory elements of the course, and I was wondering if anyone knew what to study...
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    Graduation Songs...

    sweet nostalgia anyone I can't believe no one has said 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins. ....... <3