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    B Education

    Can't complain. Except for the transport!! Choosing subjects proved challenging - despite the fact everything had been set for us!! All those horrible options to choose from :( And is it me or don't any guys do Primary education? While its awesome that I'm in a female dominated course...I...
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    B Education

    Yep! Good to hear there's other people doing the course :) We've got enrolment on Wednesday right? I'll be there at 10:30, which is a hassle, cause it takes me 1.5 hours to get there!!
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    NSW Teaching Scholarship

    Yep, got the papers today. However, there is one problem. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW I WAS AWARDED THE SCHOLARSHIP! All my preferences are for Primary education because I assumed I didnt get the Teaching Scholarship for English/Drama. So this scholarship was awarded in vain. And thats...
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    The OMG how the hell am i NOT finished yet?

    Yeah the supervisors are already giving our guys the "finished HSC" speeches. Only thing is I still have Economics and Drama ON THE LAST DAY OF THE HSC!! Its cool though...cause I had a two week break between English and Modern History :D Those were the two most unproductive weeks of my life.
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    So Who is History for?

    I could barely wrap my head around Question 1. Postmodernists are such annoying wannabe intellectual elitists. My response was a bit of a mess - I talked about how historians should remain objective to ensure history is a subject with integrity - but let the masses do whatever they want with...
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    General Thoughts On The Exam

    Twas a little late. Forgot my calculator. Good start. You know something is wrong with the test when you have four "b"'s in a row for the first four questions of the multiple choice sheet. I swear there should never, EVER be more than 3 in a row of the same letter in multiple choice tests...
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    Teaching Scholarship

    I got an interview too - except I'm going for the hippy subjects: English with History or Drama. In fact, I'd rather be a primary school teacher - but they do't offer scholarships for that field. Darkprince: Whats this about studying six hours for a 30minute interview? The lady never told me...