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    economics 2003

    well i dont think the exam was all that hard..although some of the multiple choices were a little confusing.
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    omg...i fink i got 15/20 for disappointed in myself..but i wouldnt mind that seeing that i only had like 20 minutes left for that section which i almost forgot about hehe. too much rambling for me to do with those general questions we had..=)
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    Module B - All Texts

    john donne was an easy question but wasnt it a matter of either agreeing or disagreeing with the statement? well i structured my response similar to that of a debate and i held negative sides to the question didnt write much for it though 6.5 pages i the 20 minutes i had left...
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    Module C - Powerplay

    well the question was not bad..i wrote 9 pages for this one..i think my response wasnt balanced between all the texts though..because i wrote more on Julius Caesar than my related material... i also related this concept where power resides with the people and real power involves power struggle...
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    Module A - In the Wild

    wow hey ...well i wrote one entire booklet for this module..8 pages that is.. felt kinda disappointed halfway because there was too much that i wanted to write and i have a feeling i didnt articulate my techniques also lacked structure well since the format wasnt specified i...
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    Official Question 2 Thread - Creative Writing

    well i think i did alright with section 2 wait..are you meant to discuss the title within the story aswell like the "picture of change?? i didnt mention any of that because i chose the guy on the rock...and his experiences etc. hmm well i didnt finish section 3...meaning i probably lose...
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    is deckard the 6th replicant?

    hey ..out of deckard the blade runner the 6th replicant? if he is..i was would like to justify this so explain why please
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    hey im currently doing all the same modules as you too bnw/br, donne, and caesar im just weak on module B..the rest are fine
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    blade runner

    thanks people
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    blade runner

    thanks how about its relation to the comparitive of brave new world?
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    supplementary for changing self

    hey does anyone have anymore supplementary material i could use for changing self - my place? well i asked the advice line and they say i could use the stolen stories..but i just realised that its a prescribed HSC text which is used for changing perspectives do you think i still could use it...
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    blade runner

    does anyone know the intertextuality that is portrayed in the film blade runner? which is for my module A... does it relate to the christian motives of batty and tyrell and how he played god etc?
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    What min mark do i need to get to get 94+

    omg man..u cant really face reality can ya ..stupid jimbo=dumbo u didnt necessarily need to result to blardy swearing man.. seriously..with ur attitude i dont think u would handle the real world...
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    What min mark do i need to get to get 94+

    yeh whatever..u just cant hack the fact that maybe my subjects are also would u know abt the scaling system anyways? and besides i do way better than everyone else for those subjects if u come to think abt it..and my ranks are obviously more important than anything else..which i...
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    What min mark do i need to get to get 94+

    yes u really think that ur subjects are also going to really scale you up? excuse me..but i think my subjects would scale me up a fair bit seeing that i do economics and english advanced aswell. i dont do any VET courses so im well on my way ...
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    Uai Prediction

    really will_wang? well im hoping to get a high 80 uai or low 90s to get me into my course at uni so what do u suggest for me to do from now on? by the way how much study do u recommend per day to be really productive?
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    Uai Prediction

    what other subjects do you do than? any of the humanities courses? such as business studies and economics?
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    Uai Prediction

    so u think u could help me with english advanced? im doing changing self-my place and i need more supplementaries. i also need more supplementaries for my module C which is the powerplay elective of representation and text.
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    Uai Prediction

    uai .. oh you're beginning to scare me...and i think my subjects would scale me up a fair bit aswell so whats the real possibility of 80's-90's uai... **stressed***=(
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    Uai Prediction

    thanks...umm no my school is not apart of the top what school do you attend to? are you in year 12 also?