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    senior science

    That was flippin easy....Hellyeah..but i don't reckon i got 100% i walked out 1 1/2hour early, and went and chilled out, coz it was my LAST exam.. gr8 feeling guys... catchya and goodluck in the future...
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    General Thoughts: Financial Services

    Yeah it was OK! i found that 15mark question Hard, i didn't know what to write... snap, how do u remember what u put for each question... anyway finished Financial services 4eva... Hey Chronost where are you from??? what school do you go to??? hey aldo8118: what r u doing now?? having a lazy...
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    Financial Services

    SHOOT!!! this all sounds scary.... thinking of u all that are doing financial services tomorrow. HAGD:wavey:
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    Financial Services

    R U Serious?? i hate accounting...what sortas question do ya reckon it will be: Bank Rec, Closing Accounts, Income statements, Balance sheets what do ya think.. what about WHS stuff??? is there much of that do ya reckon?? and working effectively.. BTW what school do you go...
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    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    It was alright, except i forgot everything once i had got into the Exam.. all good! no more ENGLISH YIPPEEE
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    Financial Services

    Is anyone else doing Financial Services?? Has anyone got any advice for my financial Services exam?? i am crapping myself, i hope it is easy aye :frown2: :smile:
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    Year 12 pranks

    Yeah, but can u imagine them...might be able to do it to some.. has anyone else got other ideas??? we thort about camping at the school, one year got in the roof and unplugged lights, and signed there names in the roof, put chocks in lockers....but we aren't allowed to anything like that...
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    Year 12 pranks

    has anyone got any ideas of what we can do on our last day of school, we aren't allowed to vandalize or wreck anything which is fair enough aye!!! but we just want some suggestions.
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    2013 Trials- How did you go?

    The modules were hard i reckon, Belonging wasn't that bad, wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. i wrote Mod A:2.5 Mod B: 3 Mod C:2.5.. i think i can't really remember.. anyway that is all over, Are any of yous doing Senior Science and or Financial Service???? i am stressing about...
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    Financial Services

    What were the Trials like?????? Were they hard???? what sort of questions were in it???? chz!
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    Financial Services

    How are you all studying for the trial HSC for Financial Services?? It is sorta hard aye cos there isn't any past papers :) Good luck to you all in the HSC.. :wavey: