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    How much does biz get scaled down??

    bus dosent get scaled down at all, idiots it stays exactly as it is its a average subject and scaling changes yr to yr.. subjects like retail operations go down by no more than 10 n subjuects like economics go up by no more than 10 no subjects get scaled anymore than 10 marks either side...
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    are there ne wollongong pplz here?

    im in yr 12.. but i live in blackbutt n went to st josephs chs albion park GO THE GONG !!!
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    uow accommodation

    im hoping to go to wgong uni next yr... n im livin at home that way mum cooks, cleans and washes.. i dun have to do jack... and its all FREEEEE!!
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    How are you getting your HSC results?

    fuck that.. im sleepin till my normal wake up time of 11/11.30 then might go shoppin, the next day im goin away till monday n when i come home my results will b in the mail... im in no hurry to see them.. like im wastin money on the telephone or sms n the internet will b slow as.. i'll wait for...
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    University of Woolongong Discovery days

    you just rock up, teachers dont kno exactly who's in their classes... they dont care but u'll have to wait till march now to go
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    can someone scan the multiple choice question? :p

    truly add my msn (mel_oddie @ hotmail . com) n i'll send em to you
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    Raw Marks

    i'll b happy if i pass... econ is my worst subject, in reality im aiming for 60-70% my teacher marked our class assessments so unfairly that our whole class just passed the year, my assessment mark is bout 55 so neluck i'll get 60% n that will b pushed up.
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    How much?

    i have small as writing but still i only wrote 4 pgs for each :( Econs my worst subject thankgod its over
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    >>>>>>>> Economics Die

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    TV shows from our childhood...*sigh*

    there's sooo many * alf (he had a movie too it was on last summer some time, fair late at night i remember watchin it hehehe) * mr squiggle * mulligrubs! (still remember the song for that :o ) * johnson and friends * astroboy * carebears * teenage mutant ninga turtles and my fav...
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    what would be a good mark?

    we were always told that econ gets scaled up by approx 10marks? i hope so altho i need it scaled up by bout 50 marks lol
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    Tips for the new year 12

    Dont give up... i worked really hard in yr 11 but by the end i was over it all so i did pretty much nuthin all of yr 12.. the 5 weeks after the trials i didnt even go to class and then when it came to studyin for the hsc was shitting myself.. to help the yr 10s too down worry bout yr 11 wait...
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    Starting out...

    enough of the religious mumbo jumbo... post in a religion thread PLZ i know i come from a catholic school thats im sick of all that shit.. if anything a catholic school makes you less religious ANYWAYS how do ppl think they went in retail estimated mark??? how can u ppl say retail is...
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    The Reason Why Our Class Will Fail

    teacher from hell hey i kno wat u mean when u say "yes they are good students" every single teacher ive had through high school esp the ones whose classes i mucked up in all say on ur report 'Melissa is a very good responsible child' im like yeh bullshit
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    University of Woolongong Discovery days

    hey, i went beginning of this year.. dont bother, theyre fair boring, you cant hear a word the lecturers are saying bcoz they havent got any sound equiptment set up and it gives you no real idea wat uni is about.. they mainly just talk about the facilities and wat the subject is about, which is...
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    Multiple choice

    i kno wat u mean loz.. u think hmm mayb thats wrong n then u change it and was right b4 n ur like dammit. yeh 7 is B trick question.. but if the cash registers broke they cant pay by cash coz they cant open it, then they gotta pay by card they didnt say eftpos was down so then my change would...
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    Multiple choice

    YEh good point by number 7 Active listening not active questioning... we were only taught open closed and reflective.. dunno I pretty positive TPA is by the Dept Fair Trading
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    Im hoping for a globalisation extended response at least then i can bable on bout business studies stuf... ESD would be good too I was told on monday that my class hasnt been taught even half of the syllabis we're screwed... thankgod i do business studies.. do you think we could apply for...
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    Multiple choice

    I think i got 100% for the multipul choice some are a bit iffy.. my dad checked over them and thought they seemed right too let me know if yourve got and objections 1 A 2 A 3 D 4 C 5 C 6 B 7 A 8 B 9 D 10 A 11 D 12 C 13 D 14 C 15 A
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    Starting out...

    yeh ergonomics like those chairs.. oh well 98% wouldnt bother me either... i actually thought that the last few years papers were easier, i guess it depends what your teacher focused on over the year.. i noticed that the last few years papers had generally the same questions whilest this...