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    Study Plan

    im hoping last minute cramming will help! Everytime i start studying a week in advance i think to myself the night before the exam..ive done my summaries i dont need to study..and then when it comes to the exam im like SHITTTTTTTTT i shoulda studied! so yehh...
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    Help for the 2004 people

    hahahha well im vietnamese if thats any help!
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    how did u make friends in uni.

    what i do is sit by myself like a nigel and wait for someone to feel sorry for me hahahahh! IT REALLY WORKs! Basically most people there are on the same boat as you so you shouldnt feel scared about just saying Hi to someone!
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    Personality test-Career choices

    EFNG hehehe the GIVER!
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    Balancing uni and casual work

    I just work 2 days a week Sunday and Thursday nights and go to uni 5 days a week! Luckily my classes run either really early or really late so i can work on the weekdays as well as weekends! Its my 1st year so ill see how it goes if the work load gets too much ill quit work!
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    when do tutes start?

    so even if its grey shaded and says FULL then im still in that tut?
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    What Does "Restricted" mean?

    Hey im doing that unit too what course are u guys doing?...Im doing occupational therapy!
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    when do tutes start?

    I registered for my tutorials finking everything was fine it said i was registered etc...den when i log back on it goes my classes are full! WTH so what do i do?! still go to the tuts?
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    Help for the 2004 people

    the attachment is basically all i studied for my SAC exam...
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    Nursing students-Check this out

    WOW thankgod im not doing nursing ....! Yikes!
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    Do We Enrol In Person For Uws?

    doesnt everyone get an enrollent package in the mail and then go to enrollment day on the perscribed days for the course?
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    Who accepted their offer online?

    yeah i accepted my offer online!
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    Help for the 2004 people

    .. ahh seeing as im cleaning out all my SAC stuff on my computer shame to put it to waste...
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    how many people have applied for nursing?

    Lmao! think what u like!..
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    how many people have applied for nursing?

    who said i was interested? just curious to know how old you are! lol
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    how many people have applied for nursing?

    hahahhaa ??? How old are you Dingo?!
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    how many people have applied for nursing?

    Nursing is not only for girls! My dad is a nurse and has been a registered nurse for nearly 11 years, although he did feel underpowered because it is a fairly female dominated occupation..but now he gets to boss everyone around at work!
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    Occupational Therapy

    the cut off in 2002 for OT was 80.1 at cambelletown and i only got 79.3 should i still put OT as my first preference even though my UAI is below the cut off, is there any chance i might get in?
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    how many people have applied for nursing?

    yeah u have to have done some maths and Biology!
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    isnt weird so many ppl did well??

    hehhehee so very true!!