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    Free Printing. Pass Card. Approvel Label.

    for mining student, it is not free printing anymore since second half of last year.
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    ENGG1000 Project URGENT!!

    From 2008, the mining project involved designing of a hoisting shaft system. The design must be able to transfer a pack of 6 six eggs (x2 i think, cant remember exact) over 2.5m height. Btw, welcome to school of mining engineering. I havent seen an 1st year mining student arround the school...
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    So...what's next?

    no, u dont need that until ur end semester exam
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    Whats the difference between CVEN1300, MINE1300 and MMAN1300?

    Mine1300 is more about engineering stuffs like truss, force, momentum in a rigid body. From my exprience, they still count it as 6 UOC engineering mechanics regardless which subject you did out of the three. About the process metallurgy, you will need/have to do a course which is called...
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    Who's up for an o-week meetup?

    What gen-ed is that omie jay? Do we need to get new id card? I dont think so because the valid day is shown as 2012 on my id card
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    UNSW 2010 Rollcall

    Welcome to mining @ unsw
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    Higher or not?

    then go for higher option
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    Whats the difference between CVEN1300, MINE1300 and MMAN1300?

    alright. For mine1300, it is designed specially for miners with 50% for each statics and dynamics. However, when i did it two years ago, quite few materials science students were in my class too.
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    What you hate about UNSW

    lol, me fourth
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    To be or not to be? (Law students come in!)

    then, i think you should stay at UWS
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    Help me please (MIT) !!

    did u mean Master of information technology? If you did then i hope this would help MIT programs 7543, 5543, 8543
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    Help me please (MIT) !!

    what program are you enrolling into? like program code . for example: 3140 (mining engineering)
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    Careers in mining, oil and gas, enviro stuff

    Hi Velox and Davo, Im currently in 3rd of my mining engineering degree. I would like to know how hard for you to find vacation work? Im struggling in finding vac work to fullfil my 80 days industry trainning requirement. All answers are appreciated
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    Who is going to UNSW?

    Me too!!! I will be at the O-week this year again lol
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    UNSW Open Day 2009

    you guys will see few miners around the campus too! Looking forward to it.
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    have any1 enrolled for semester 1 2009 yet?

    as the title. i havent got any appointment in myunsw account yet.
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    Exam Thoughts, S2 2008

    Re: 回复: Re: Exam Thoughts, S2 2008 I had MATH1231 this morning, but i dont think i did well. I hope to get a pass for this semester. "The School of Mathematics and Statistics will publish on its secure student web portal provisional marks in all its courses (for which assessment is...
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    UAI estimate . . . please =)

    im sorry to tell you that you are likely looking at 95-98 for the uai.
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    UAI estimation pretty please

    you have a good chance of getting 80+ uai. Keep it up, one year and few months to go and good luck