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    Which 2 majors to start a trade company?

    so far i'm considering: management business law marketing international business but i need to narrow it down to 2, please help :)
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    The s2 2008 Uni Results thread

    shoxgeneration, just wondering how can you do a business law subject when you are majoring in acct/finance?
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    Why do you eat FAST FOOD?

    tastes awesome but very fat
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    Medical science electives

    Are there rooms to take up electives outside the science faculty in 1st year? If so, how many electives can we choose? The website/handbook doesn't provide such information. Thanks
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    Who will be going for graduate medicine?

    that sounds like high school all over again... with high scaling subjects?
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    Who will be going for graduate medicine?

    Does doing advanced units mean we learn harder material at a quicker rate? What is the point of this? For the scaling? For interest?
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    Who will be going for graduate medicine?

    just a question, why would you choose a 5-year course rather than say a 3-year course?
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    Who will be going for graduate medicine?

    If so, which undergraduate course are you planning to undertake and where?
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    Another laptop suggestion

    +Po1ntDeXt3r+ what's the difference between a 1000H, 1000HA and 1000HD asus eee pc?
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    Another laptop suggestion

    whats the difference between that and an asus eee pc?
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    Another laptop suggestion

    Hi I'm looking to buy a laptop for uni next year. Looking for: Very good battery life Light in weight Minimum heat Durable Mainly for work at uni i guess, like word processing, net browsing etc. Maybe good enough to play games without lag? I can afford up to $2000 Sexy looking! most...
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    UAI Guess Competition

    User: Arithela UAI Guess: 98.20 Actual UAI: Date signed: November 4th
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    Multi choice Q15

    im pretty sure electrons are attracted to the positive terminal, i.e. to the left
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    Multi choice Q15

    i got B as the VALENCE BAND electrons move into the conduction band in order to conduct
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    Band 6 cut off??

    cut-off will be 80/100
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    The official Medical Science thread

    Woozy, why should one choose Science Advanced over Science? Wouldn't it be harder to maintain a high GPA in Advanced? (since admission into grad med takes account of GPA)
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    We're going through the entire paper, posting answers.

    whats the answer to 7c?
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    Easy Question 10 or Easiest?

    For 10a I did the worst mistake! I found the area of the rectangle (7ln5) and area between the curve and x-axis by using simpson's rule then total area = area of rectangle - value of simspon's rule :(
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    Someone post up the answers :D