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    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    SAM: 90.45 UAI: 90.75 extremely happy:)
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    Chemistry - general thoughts on the exam

    the test was alright...i just realised i fell for most of the trick m/c questions :( serves me right for rushing... loved the industrial chemisrty option! 7 marks on a natural resource :D on the whole it was alright, hoping for really good scaling though
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    my multiple choice answers

    yay! i got all the same answers for m/c :D with that 8 mark question, did anyone else talk about how they should have tested the bacteria on a wider range of people to disprove the fact that stress and bad eating habits also don't contribute?...or was i just waaaay off course? :P overall...
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    Leave Early?

    our option topic was communication... i did one booklet and 2 pages from the next that too much? or not enough? or something?
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    Induction Question

    lol me either :D
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    Q 1 e?????

    NOOO!!!!! I started to do that, but got confused half way :( i ended up just leaving it...stupid stupid
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    Mathematics - General thoughts on the exam

    bugger! that would explain how i ended up with a negative number...hmmm well there goes 2 marks :(
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    Who is planning on destroying their English books, notes, etc, now that it is over?

    lol mine will be a very small fire...didn't actually make too many notes...will have to combine them with bio and chem, hmmm...still a pretty pitiful fire...
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    German Beginners

    so... how did everyone else find the exam? Was it harder/easier than you expected? I found the listening alright...spose it could've been worse, and the letters topics were yuck...but apart from that, it was pretty straightforward :D
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    Did you finish on time?

    well...i managed to keep up my tradition...haven't actually finished an english essay in i spose it's not all bad... :)
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    Paper 2 Distaster Stories...

    Has anyone else found that they wrote 10 pages without making a valid point that was in the least bit relevant to the actual question? I have :( Fuck powerplay: Antony and Cleopatra can go die...again...
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    Module B: Critical Study of Texts

    They didn't ask for a specific speech! yay! I had only studied 3 speeches in detail, so I was preparing to have to pull some kind of magic out my ass...but I didn't have to :D *does little victory dance*
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    Module C: Representation and Text

    same here...i think it's time for an english book burning session
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    Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

    sooo happy with the emma/clueless question...memorised an essay the night before all about the different relationships...just rewrote it...9 pages in 20 mins, not a bad effort me thinks