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    Damn U Must Be Realli Bored To Ask A Question Like That...i Dont Exactly No But Its Been Advertsed On Channel 10 Lately So Have A Look In Like A Tv Guide Or Sumthing
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    Seeking Urgent Help For Assignment Due Next Week!!!!!

    Hey. I'm really stuck on my legal studies assignment. It's based on crime and hte "law reform commission" and what needs to be helped etc. I'm not really understanding what exactly what I have to do. It's named "HSC Legal Studies Crime Extended Response Assignment". There's only 3 questions...
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    help with irp :)

    I Think That Ur Question Is Very! Interesting...i Think That In Relation To 'refineing' It...maybe Look At...."does Religion Affect Relationships In Society Today?"...(man Im Bad At This..this Question Still Needs To Be Refined...hehehe)...umm Or Maybe "does Religion/christianity Affect Views...
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    Despreatly Needing Help With Appropriate Irp Question...

    Hey I Realli Need Help With Finding A Good Question For My Irp Assignment And A Yet To Find One...if Someone Could Please Reply Asap ...due To I Need To Hand In My Project Plan On The 01/11/05..thank You...whatever Is Helpful Is Much Appreciated..angela...