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    Multiple Choice Answers

    D is just rediculous and the modern society of the commie wannabe state government we live in forces tolerance and understaning, so they would say ecumenism is good so its most likely A
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    i was planning to do islam for section 3, but it was about ethics which i didnt study for at all, so i did it in section 2 the personality (aisha ibnt abu bakr) was pretty easy. contributions are her quotes from the prophet in the hadith, as well as helping islam proliferate by teaching it to...
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    Multiple choice questions- anyone have a copy?

    excuse the poor grammar, and not the exact words, but pretty much the same idea. the capitalised ones were the ones that I put as the answer 1) how is aboriginal spirituality determined by dreaming a. it explains the concept of terra nullius b. it forms the basis of the covenant with god c. it...
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    i knew islam (sig practise [hajj] and personality [aisha ibnt abu bakr]) inside and out, but i didnt study for ethics. it turned out that was the islam section 3. so i had to to martin luther for that. it was still pretty good. luther is one of the easier ones to do
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    1)d 2)a 3)d 4)b 5)b 6)c 7)c 8)b 9)c 10)a
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    General commments

    no ones talking yet? hmmm strange it was pretty good. though the short section 1 question (about ecumenism) was a bit tricky. i just wrote that the NCCA increased understanding, the uniting chruch was made, and it allowed people to switch denominations more easily. and i used the quote like i...
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    Thoughts on the exam

    the "what is history" was a bit difficult. i basically used my generic thesis for the role of the historian. I talked about my views, and that of L. v. Ranke, Annales, and Po-mos.Then i critiqued Munslow and said he was a hypocrit because he had conflicting views. However, i was out of content...
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    What if i got 3~40% today?

    youre better than me. i actually got a really low mark in my trials (CSSA) luckily, i do 13 units, so 2 unit maths and 3 unit maths dont have to count
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    Multiple Choice

    im pretty sure hes right. its a simple chemical reaction, where products are made. i saw this example in class, its the glucose +glucose= maltose one. btw hi josh, its me, your halo buddy
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    Multiple Choice

    holy cow i think youre right dammit.
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    Options: Communication

    for the 7 marker, i wrote about how humans make sound (through larynx, as well as a sentence on clapping ) , then i said how the sound travels through air. then i described what the parts of the ear does from the outer ear to the organ of corti. then i talked about hair cells, and how they...
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    short answers

    8 marker? talked about enzymes a bit, how they work in a narrow range, and how they are important. eventually, animals cant keep up with homeostasis (such as kangaroos licking forearms etc) and die due to inability to cool down its body temp (refer to enzymes) causes short term death (duh)...
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    Multiple Choice

    d b a c b b d d d a b a c a d
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    Supplementary Material

    Journeys over land and sea Battlestar Galactica, episode 001
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    section 3???

    i think when they say do your prescribed text, people who are doing the Immigrant chronicles actually have to write about an extra text its because youre prescribed text is "immigrant chronicles" and not the actual name of the text
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    Thoughts of section -Standard english students

    im in standard english, and i found this exam to be alright. it was good, except the first section. basically, my school ( i wont name which one because im not sure if this forum allows it) chooses who gets to go to advance and standard (im not sure if theyre allowed to do that, but oh well)...
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    Anyone thinks they have killed the test

    Section 1 - 8 pages.. overall alright. a bit challenging (text 3!) Section 2 - 9 Pages..good. the question was really straight forward Section 3 - 6 pages..good. integrated the quote as well has had the idea inside. it was about an arranged marriage of an arabian princess
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    section 3???

    Peter Schnitzel -Crossing the Red Sea -Immigrants at Central Station BOS -Journeys over land and sea Related -Battlestar Galactica, Episode 001
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    Section 1 text 3

    i said that in order to understand the world, you have to journey to all places like that guy did in the desert he said the horizon was his home, that means hes forever travelling (towards the horizon) when you go on journeys, you get a piece of "the broken mosiac" then you can build your...