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  1. keepin_sanity

    King Lear

    I did King Lear last year, and just READING the play isnt enough!!! I'm assuming that the syllabus is the same as last year, and that you have to compare different productions, so I would DEFINATELY recommend that rather than just gathering notes about productions off the net, to watch a screen...
  2. keepin_sanity

    which elective???

    I did Genetics - The Code Broken also. It's not a bad topic...just kind of an extension on blue print I guess. It is quite challenging, but once you have a thorough understanding of the basic concepts (ie. how genes, chromosomes, alleles etc all work and fit in with each other) it's quite...
  3. keepin_sanity

    Reliability of sulfate prac.

    I know! I agree...I was just posting what my teacher told me about reliability and validity...it was a pretty dodge question. I concentrated on validity anyway so hopefully I'll get some sympathy marks or something!
  4. keepin_sanity

    Reliability of sulfate prac.

    Reliability: is how consistant the experiment is ie. do you get the same results over and over again by following the same method? Validity: refers to whether the method is testing what it is SUPPOSED to be testing eg. the experiment in the exam wasnt VALID because it is likely that carbonate...
  5. keepin_sanity


    Yeh same, i just showed what would happen in each case - compared the corrosion etc and said that the aluminium would be best
  6. keepin_sanity

    so generally, how did you go?

    I left the skill aqcuistion one till last because it was my weakest point and I didn't get to finish it!!!! SO PISSED OFF at my self...bad time management (went a bit overboard on the options) on my part....but hopefully i did OK in the other parts. They were pretty good questions overall.
  7. keepin_sanity

    how many booklets?

    I didnt use any extra booklets but i had to write REALLY small to fit everything in the space provided!!! And down the bottom of the page too!! Filled up one booklet each for Sports med and Sport in Aus. Society which i was happy with :)
  8. keepin_sanity

    adult athletes

    I asked my teacher after the exam about the adult thing and he said that we could've included pretty much anything like preventitive measures before play, to thermoregulation, to the use of drugs etc because "adult" athletes is just a nice way of putting "normal" athletes ie. those that aren't...
  9. keepin_sanity

    Answers - Multiple Choice

    What did everyone put for question 3? Cause there was a bit of disagreement about it between our biology group!!!
  10. keepin_sanity

    how'd u find it? raw marks?

    i reckon about 80-ish...who knows. Some of the questions were a bit weird...or maybe i just answered them weird, i dunno!
  11. keepin_sanity

    Subject Scaling and UAI prediction Plz :)

    Thanks sneeble! I only need a 70 to get into the course i want to do but i was curious!! :)
  12. keepin_sanity

    Subject Scaling and UAI prediction Plz :)

    Hi, Trial Marks and assessment rankings: English (Advanced): 65% 5/24 PD/H/PE: 70% 3/17 Chemistry: 74% 9/27 Biology: 70% 3/21 Mathematics (2U): 55% 12/37 Can someone please come up with a UAI prediction for me please? And also can anyone tell me how the subjects i do are scaled...
  13. keepin_sanity

    Someone PLEASE help with this Prac

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! I really appreciate that...now I'm destined to pass the HSC :)
  14. keepin_sanity

    Someone PLEASE help with this Prac

    i really really really need you guys to help me out here!!! I have been through my notes about a million times and I'm absolutely positive that we didn't do a prac corresponding to this dotpoint: identify data sources, choose resources and perform a first-hand investigation to determine...
  15. keepin_sanity

    Module B - King Lear

    More time definately!!!! It was a good question but I left Lear till last because it's my weakest module and I didn't get to finish it...mentioned two productions and their interpretations, started the third and they said "pens down". Felt like i was a bit all over the place too but hopefully it...
  16. keepin_sanity

    Module A - In the Wild

    Iwrote 8 pages (6-7 words a line - ish) for this one - had to cram the conclusion in the bottom part of the last page though!!! The conclusion by the way sucked a lot of arse but hey...I'm over it now. English is over forever and thats all that matters! hurrah!
  17. keepin_sanity

    Who didn't finish?

    I ran out of time on Lear and my conclusion sucked on BNW/BR....Frontline was Ok but I'm still not confident!!! Oh Well, ENGLISH IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace out!! tehehe
  18. keepin_sanity


    8, 6, 9 Only got one string...wouldve been two but I squeezed the last bit of module A down the bottom of the page...tehehe!
  19. keepin_sanity

    Feeling. before and after?

    Before: Suprisingly calm until i got to the hall and everyone was freaking out.... During: Slightly panicky but OK cause I had a plan for the speech After: Relief...until I started going over the exam in my head and realising all the techniques that I missed in the comprhension part I...
  20. keepin_sanity

    say.....we can burn the AOS notes now...

    Yep thats the plan for us!!! Huge bonfire at my friends farm, bit of kero and a shitload of worthless HSC notes....oooh revenge is sweet!!!