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  1. K

    Mac or PC for engineering?

    get both :)
  2. K

    Bachelor of Medical Science

    one offer only. med science is better than adv,sc and bsc. adv sc tend to go in depth, and bsc is too broad.
  3. K

    2 Unit bridging course, acceptance

    im being serious mate. There are heaps of people who had done General math who's doing Engineering. It doens't really work out but it just makes their life harder that's all.
  4. K

    I.T = bad uai or not?

    If ur good at it and like it, keep it. Otherwise, unless you think ur gonna get 85+, drop it. I kept it cause Certificate 2 in IT looked good on my resume (even though it doesn't mean shit, it still looks better than the other ppl who's got nothing)
  5. K

    Last day when I can change my timetable

    before the census date?
  6. K

    What you hate about UTS

    i hate that there's no indoor basketball court and swimming pool.
  7. K

    Ocamp - bags

    The camp was alright. The food was shit, accomodation was quite crap (even though i had the new mattresses) and too many bugs. The talks i found quite helping-since i didn't really know what stream i'll be doing. It was a good way to make new friends, even though i was playing basketball all...
  8. K


    Go to MyStudentAdmin, Enrolment, Subject Activities, Click the stuff on the left bar then choose your time.
  9. K

    Bridging courses

    For some reason, the 3unit math is not on tomorrow. i thought it was on, but everyone said it's off.
  10. K

    how 2 get 2 this building?

    Uhhmmm, can anyone tell me how to get to the UTS basketball court pls? i know its next to the carparks and in the architecture building, but i don't know how to get there. TY
  11. K

    Maths ex1 bridgin

    binomial and polynomial
  12. K

    Internet usage

    WTF..serious? @ 12mb/s that's INSANE. PLus, my mate told me that it's open til 3am and opens back again @ 5am @ UWS. WOW, talk about under-estimated Uni.
  13. K

    Internet usage

    LOL! YAY. im gonna download movies, songs..etc. LOLOLOL
  14. K

    Bridging courses

    omfg. I really regret taking the bridging course for 3unit. I done it 3unit half way through year 12 and all they are teaching us is the stuff that i already know...= ="...Damn. Should've listened to the russian bloke...lol
  15. K

    Enroling in a course and choosing subjects?

    You can withdraw from the subjects. Go to my student admin, enrolments then withdraw. It's not too late yet, since the late round students haven't even got a chance yet.
  16. K

    Bridging courses

    awww..i got 84 in 2u
  17. K

    Bridging courses

    I am doing 3unit from 2pm to 5pm. So nervous at the moment. What do I bring??:confused:
  18. K

    UAC's University Offers 2009 Online - see who's in your course!

    HAHAHA...This stuff is addictive. Me and my mate spent heaps of hours tracking down people from our high school/primary. LOL-i feel like a stalker....:haha: