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  1. avenueoftrees

    Estimate Raw Mark Band Cutoffs

    Wow that was kind of mean. Coming from a dolphin boy.
  2. avenueoftrees

    didnt trace diagram...

    INFORMATION THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN USEFUL TO ME YESTERDAY! THANK YOU VERY MUCH DOLPHIN BOY! That's right! Mitch the Bitch. You can't run any longer. I'll see your ass at Economics. Go ahead and diagram your way out of it. Phillips Curve it up. If you will. Harpsichord XOXOXOXOX
  3. avenueoftrees

    Psychology & Maths?

    DID I NOT WARN YOU???!!! :worried: Why won't anybody else THINK of the CHILDREN??!!
  4. avenueoftrees

    About you

    I wish I was as tight with you guys. JEALOUS much? I will have to be content with my cup of flour. And the title of the soberest guy here. SS you are like the grandfather of the group. It's real sweet. :santa: Merry Resmue` you guys.
  5. avenueoftrees

    2007 Jerseys

    I hear you Soul Searcher! Its not too easy with the increased costs of aged care these days. :eek:
  6. avenueoftrees

    Who screwed up half yearlies?

    Soul Searcher, I have a feeling that you are a dirty old player killer. Half Yearly exams remind of that time soul searcher got caught out in the geriatric ward. Hmmmm weird that! Dirty dirty old man I know your secret! THUMBS DOWN TO YOU MATE THUMBS DOWN... Try a little harder thanks mate???
  7. avenueoftrees

    The Pokémon Center

    I like to play. PS: How sicknut are the graphics on Alex the Kid!!! WTF Soulsearcher dirty old man :confused:
  8. avenueoftrees

    Radiohead Appreciation Thread

    speaking of the bends, was anyone else highly distressed by jamie cullums cover of high and dry??????????? ages ago, but i still haven't healed.