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  1. dansnation

    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    i got 93 for music.. hmmm... if you do music, well just listen to alot of it, and know your concepts.
  2. dansnation


    im still recovering from skoolies... so ive been listening to alot of chillout... try "battleship grey - by tiesto".. d/l any of the magik series by tiesto for some good uplifting shit.. ferry corsten sets too..
  3. dansnation

    School Stereotypes

    1.nerds 2. wogs 3. footies 4. musos 5. nerds. 6. immigrants 7. chicks 8. another semi-wog group 9. more nerds.
  4. dansnation

    Local Bands

    nafe u little sneaky prick whats doin.. hows the band goin?
  5. dansnation

    Local Bands

    seeing as though everyones talking about local bands in the exam thread, i thought id start one here.. anyone in bands around sydney, cos those of you who are, know how hard it is to get gigs, and often its when u start alliances with other bands that you start to get noticed..
  6. dansnation


    i hope the solutions contradict what you put down on your paper.. your either gonna get a really high or really low self esteem after finding u fucked it up or killed it.. im just saying, wait till u get ur hsc to work that out.
  7. dansnation


    whats the point. just wait for ur bloody marks .. the test is over, so get over it.
  8. dansnation


    do u mean trance producers or trance in general.. if in general, theres tonnes of good trance out there.. most music stores will have good mix cds, or if ur into more underground stuff central station or wotever... or u need to just go to the right club to hear the music u like.
  9. dansnation

    Music 1

    hi-anarchy.. been together about 4 years.. mainly playing alternative with punk sounds, but a slight ska influence..
  10. dansnation

    Hot Teachers

    we've got some fine lookin teachers... but no photos sorry, im not that obsessed.
  11. dansnation

    We all get scaled up 5 >> bali

    Yeah lets all repeat the same things... hehe j/k.. good call .. the point was made.
  12. dansnation

    Music 1

    u guys doing gigs? im in a band with some ska influence, who are probably goin to do some fishing for gigs over the next year.. if we can get some other bands it would be heaps easier..
  13. dansnation

    So how'd everyone go ?!?!

    i too fucked it hard... found it alot harder than the trials, which isnt a good sign seeing as though i barely passed..
  14. dansnation

    search for a supermodel

    i dunno but one of those brunettes is stunning. :D they need to kick of that toss pot with the newly bleached hair.
  15. dansnation

    Music 1

    any female vocalists here: if so could u tell me the correct name of the technique the chick used in the last piece to throw her voice... i just sed use of throat singing or some shite.
  16. dansnation

    Bruce Dawe

    p.s. who the f.uck writes a letter to a guy doing school seminars??
  17. dansnation

    Bruce Dawe

    i only did 2 paragraphs on one of his poems... but only because i was severely stuck for time, and knew that i had to at least get a related text in there to give the letter SOME sort of structure..
  18. dansnation

    Paper 2: general

    exactly.. my dawe was definately the weakest.. mainly because of a lack of time, but also the motivation... after just writing 2 essays its very demorilising knowing that u have to write another one..
  19. dansnation

    English Is Over!!!!!

    amen brother.. for some reason, after finishing english yesterday, it felt like the whole hsc was over.. and now its like an anti climax having to prepare for a few more exams... oh well not long to go.
  20. dansnation

    Your thoughts on this exam?

    i did the mobile phone question.. however, as i got past the first question, i realised i couldnt just bullshit like i thought i could..