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  1. loquasagacious

    Very troublesome situation =/

    Very troublesome situation:
  2. loquasagacious

    2010 Federal Election

    2PP basis they do. Even if as the 'less shit' option. And in the past it was never a party-line forum, in a similar way to now it was a 'best of the available choices'.
  3. loquasagacious

    2010 Federal Election

    Interesting trends in NCAP. In the past it was an ALP forum by a considerable margin.
  4. loquasagacious

    2010 Federal Election

    To be fair Kate Lundy has.
  5. loquasagacious

    What should I do at the gym

    Welcome to CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness
  6. loquasagacious

    No intelligent politicians?

    Yeah this. Like I haven't finished even finished my undergrad but professional career and ~doing very well~
  7. loquasagacious

    what percentage of the population

    Actually there was a website which used US census/survey data to calculate the number of people who met a criteria... quite cool... Put in gender, your location/their proximity, income, eye colour, hair colour, attractiveness compared to gen pop, etc etc. And it spits out X number, Y% of total.
  8. loquasagacious

    what percentage of the population

    Or have low standards.
  9. loquasagacious

    Highschool Dating.

    Yeah this pretty much. First proper date in yr11. But really high-school is not where mature relationships start....
  10. loquasagacious

    No intelligent politicians?

    This post goes to show that you can call someone unintelligent just because you disagree with them....
  11. loquasagacious

    Where do you sit on the Political Compass?

    Roughly here. Inaccurate though because I am more like 9, -9
  12. loquasagacious

    ITT things that make you face palm at the gym.

    Poor form. Almost everything else is forgivable.
  13. loquasagacious

    Best Home Gym

    1. Bodyweight for a while (including pull-ups) and run. 2. Power-rack + weights (introduce deads and squats). 3. Kettlebells, heavy bag, odd objects, olympic lifting are all possibilities by now.
  14. loquasagacious

    what percentage of the population

    1% of the 21-28 female population
  15. loquasagacious

    Women have a worse time than men when it comes to relationships

    Largely valid (if not entirely revolutionary) point. I think the more interesting issue is how people define their minimum requirements and how they make trade-offs between differing factors (how much income does someone need to earn to make up for being short, etc).
  16. loquasagacious

    Transferring to ANU from USYD

    Why don't you just move closer to USYD?
  17. loquasagacious

    Julia Gillard new Prime Minister

    Easier to make the argument that Brett cares about the issues but not necasserily the politiking...
  18. loquasagacious

    No intelligent politicians?

    Before suggesting that engineers take over parliament it might be worth noting what parliament is.... just saying.....