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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    Could someone post the 1984/Crucible questions please :)
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    Band 6 cutoff predictions

    Will be about the same as usual, paper 1 was more difficult but paper 2 was fairly straight forward
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    2018 Predictions for HSC Business Studies Exam (Prep+Chat)

    They've never asked fin & hr for the proof essay so that's the hot guess. As with recent years I believe they're going to be heavy handed with the finance. I also wouldn't be surprised if there was a ops proof essay simply for the unpredictability factor
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    HSC 2018 General Mathematics 2 Exam Thoughts

    One of my students was wondering about the relative frequency question? Anyone know the answer. It was q26a i believe.
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    Just read the SMH, there's enough there.
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    Atar Estimate

    Hard to know because your school is volatile, but around 90-95 is definitely possible
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    Is my UMAT good enough?

    You should be ok for an interview but you'll need a strong ATAR (99+)
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    Economics - HSC Essay Question Predictions 2018

    Syllabus is a pretty big document They don't always pick the obvious choices - The entire state is preparing for protection and trump
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    Economics - HSC Essay Question Predictions 2018

    You will not be able to predict the questions. They have been told to be as unpredictable as possible and have heard personally from a writer that they have been told to forget everything they've asked before. Everything and anything is on the table P.S. - Exams were written at the...
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    Monetary policy and inflation question

    Monetary policy mainly affects demand-pull inflation through directly raising aggregate demand. It has a minor impact on cost-push as borrowed finance may be considered an input for a product e.g. if the cost of borrowing goes up a firm that has a highly geared capital structure may need to...
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    Is Business studies worth doing?

    I got a great mark in business, but at times it was excruciating. More because the syllabus isn't logical/doesn't translate into real life than anything.
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    Advice needed from b6 business students regarding section 4!

    Nonononononononoononoonononooooooo. Business studies teachers HATE IT when you use big words or try write it like a english essay. Keep it as simple as possible, answering the question, and exploring the syllabus in depth through your chosen case study.
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    Best econmics textbooks?

    If you're still wondering, Strategic Economics by Matthew Parsons is excellent, much better in my opinion than the Dixon and Reilly staples.
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    Balance of Payments Question

    A dividend is like a servicing cost so it goes in the NPI, the financial account only records investments e.g. portfolio/direct. A dividend is inherently short term because its a payment, an investment will sit in a foreign country for a while before being repatriated later when the asset is sold .
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    ATAR estimate please

    Any history of your school's band 6 %s in these subjects would be greatly useful in estimating a remotely accurate figure.
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    Sor prelim help (nature of religion)

    Never ever use the term 'golden rule', the marking centre absolutely hates it and you will lose marks. Refer to it a Jesus' Commandment of Love or as the central ethical paradigm/teaching of Christianity, it will make you lose a lot of credibility very quickly which is something you don't want...
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    UNSW LAT Test

    Given the HSC starts on October 18th I'd hypothesise that you don't have classes
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    Economics essay advice

    1200 words should be your aim for every essay - paragraphs don't really mean much