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    History Extension - Forming a focus question

    Hey all, Does anyone have any tips on how to formulate a focus question for the major work? For context my topic surrounds the changing perspectives of the Cuban missile crisis
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    Society & Culture PIP Questionnaire- https://forms.gle/Sb2vU1z1BfDTx9fV7

    Hey! Could everyone please spare 10 minutes to fill out my questionnaire for my SAC PIP? It would be very much appreciated :) Thank you
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    PIP Questionnaire - https://forms.gle/VX6jfJy4sWkAxvrm6

    done :) omg we're doing the same topic 😂 except mine is slightly different
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    History Extension helpppp

    Thank you so much for this!! My case study for HEX is witch hunts & trials
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    History Extension helpppp

    Thank you for your ideas, it is much appreciated :)
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    History Extension helpppp

    hey people, can someone pls help me with the history extension project? like i know this subject is about the histography of things but like at the same time i dont know what im doing. Cause i also take society and culture as well so i keep getting the HEX project confused with the S&C PIP...