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  1. K

    What do you estimate your raw mark be?

    prob 85% but I only started studying for chem the day before, hehe its not going to count anyway
  2. K

    How many PAGES did you use in your option?

    A 4 mark question in the paper is allocated half a page, so 25 marks can therefore be effectively answered in 6 and a bit. I think being consice is a bit part of good question answering.
  3. K

    German Continuers

    Yeah I thought it was pretty easy. Schoolies was off centre and refreshing. I chose personal profile and the Paris thing as well.
  4. K

    Did Anyone Get Confused By The Wording Of The Time Dilation Question

    It all depends on what we consider the rest frame, since the questoin asks for it from the perspective of the astronaut and 10 years have past and this is the rest frame. so t = 10 and tv = 16.7. Time is dilated i.e. gets bigger, it doesn't contract like length. This is a straight forward...
  5. K

    QUANTA TO QUARKS-how did Bohr refined rutherfords model??

    Rutherford's had electrons circling a nucleus, but this requires them to emit energy and therefore should spiral inot the nucleus and collide with it due to electrostatic attraction. Rutherford could not explain this. Bohr's postulates, his second namely said that electrons existed in stable...
  6. K

    b.tchy question - syclotron or whatever

    It was an easy question if you could see the relationship, just like Thomson's mv^2/r = qvB r = mv/qB so as v increases (i.e. pasticle is accelerated) then B must increae so that r remains constant
  7. K

    was quanta stuffed or just me??

    Yeah q2q was easy as, for the 8 marker wrote 1.5 pages
  8. K

    Multiple Choice (Compiled Answers)

    14/15 I punched the transformer one into my calc. wrong!!!
  9. K

    How bad was the exam???

    I didn't do it but because of the new system they've been testing the water to see what the bottom level is the past two years, now they're testing the top. 4u was hard as well, all the ppl in my class reckoned it was the hardest yet. For those who do 3u and poss general, expect the same.
  10. K

    Starting at Q8?

    The crucial marks are the ones at the start, you hould be able to get most of the first 3-5 questions the rest can be really out of left field. So you might not get anything at the start or finish, be selective in reading time.
  11. K

    Can they do this??

    Yeah there are like 3300 ppl doing 4u about 5% up from about 2% a couple of years ago. Either ppl have gotten smarter, the course has gotten easier or more people aren't doing so well.
  12. K

    Can they do this??

    At our school of about 150 yr 12s, about 60 started in ext 1 maths in yr 11, thats now 17, they encouraged ppl to drop but they can't make you. My teacher put a limit of something like 90% for people to do 4 unit, 6 people started off (despite not getting 90%) under the provisor that they don't...
  13. K

    Challenging Integration

    you're right, the first step is int. by parts but after that, even knowing the int. of arctan its messy and you'll be int. by parts for a while