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    what degree would you do if you got 100 uai

    your a fucking idiot wat kind of life do you have with 200k yes its money but going to work everyday and hating it for the rest of your life??? for me its Civil Engineering start next year
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    Lead Up Week

    **FOR EVERYONE STARTING THE PARTY EARLY!!!!!** hey hey everyone better b gettin pumped for schoolies!!! cant wait.. only thing is i can only make it up there on the 10th til round the 17th bit eearly i kno jus wondrin is anyone else goin to the Lennox Head/Byron area for that week??? if you are...
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    shcoolies and sex

    where does someone go for the aforementioned title :P if they r in lennox head/ byron from the 10th to the 18th Nov?
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    byron bay 24th-1st

    ill b there 11th to the 18th who will b there then... i kno its early i cant make it the week later :(
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    Who WON'T be 18 for schoolies?

    yea we need a mass production of fakies for us poor souls stranded with birthdays in january 1990... who is goin to Bryon Bay or Lennox Head???? ill b there 10th to 18th :P
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    Hardest option?

    im doing AOS this year with no prior electrical circuit or programming background and ive found it to be pretty easy it may seem overwhelming but once u break each question down its quite simple