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    Yep CLAW 1001 = LEGT1711. My USYD units got full credit at UNSW. ACCT 1001 and 1002 = ACCT 1501 and ACCT 1511 ECMT 1010 ECMT 1020 = ECON 1202 and ECON 1203 ECON 1001 and ECON 1002 = ECON 1101 and ECON 1102 CLAW 1001 = LEGT 1711 INFS1000 = INFS 1602 Yeh you'll need to fill out a form...
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    Which is the best uni for business/commerce/economics?

    Thats really well said, I share alot of the same sentiments and views having gone to usyd last yr and being at unsw this year. My reason for changing uni's was the fact the unsw had a slightly more flexible degree program.
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    Bob Carr Quits

    Well I'd hate to see Brogden as premier. He is such a big whinger, and unfortunately the tv channels always give him plenty of the spotlight as well. He'll probably win the 2007 election as a result of public discontent rather than through his policies (well what policies, he doesn't have any...
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    General Education

    Hi everyone, Just doing some last minute subject selections for session 2. I'm planning to do 2 general education courses (3 ouc each), but reading through the requirements for BCom, it says "complete 12 OUC of APPROVED General Education courses offered by faculties other than the Faculty of...
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    1st year B.Com

    Yeh you're quite right. The focus in ECMT 1010 and ECMT 1020 at USYD was more on Statistics (lots and lots of regression) rather than Financial Maths. But nevertheless, if you do ECMT 1010 and EMCT1020 at USYD, you'll get them credited for QMA and QMB at UNSW.
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    Usyd ? Unsw?

    I was at USYD last year, and now I'm at UNSW. Moved because the degree at UNSW is a bit more flexible (and the timetabling is 1000 times better). But yeh I wouldn't switch uni's simply because one has a better reputation than the other, because at the end of the day, which uni you go to has a...
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    Acct 1001 Mid-semester Exam

    Well they require satisfactory performance, so you can actually fail the exam (midsemester) but still have performed satisfactory ( So a fail does not automatically equal unsatisfactory). It's up to the course co-ordinator to determine what is deemed 'satisfactory' and 'unsatisfactory', and this...
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    Acct 1001 Mid-semester Exam

    Thats not quite true, the figure is more like 20%. And the midsemester is not designed to kill you, if you study and do your tutorial work, you'll be fine in the exam.
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    torts/commercial/ law

    Yup, TPA Division 2A section 74A(4): "If: a) goods are imported into Australia by a corporation that was not the manufacturer of the goods; and b) at the time of the importation the manufacturer of the goods does not have a place of business in Australia; - the corporation...
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    Enforcing word limits

    Umm, I think the general rule is they give you a 10% allowance. Eco and Bus should give you the 10% allowance, but if you're really worried, ask your lecturer or tutor.
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    ACCT1001 discussions

    I had him last yr as my tutor for ACCT 1A. He seemed a bit scary at first, but he's not a bad guy.
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    which degree to do (comm vs eco) at USYD

    Well you won't get professional accreditation unless you do an accounting major and the required units for the relevant organisations. And you are able to get accreditation whether you do a BCom or BEco, as long as you do the required units. There isn't too much difference if you do...
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    Double major definition

    I don't think it's possible to have 4 majors in your degree (For a single 3yr 144cp degree anyway). Theres no way you could satisfy the various requirements for each individual major.
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    Official ECMT 1010 thread.

    I wouldn't be too worried about missing the first 2 lectures, it's generally just an intro to the course, and they didn't test us on 1st week material in the final exam. Downloading the lecture notes should be sufficient.
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    Official ECMT 1010 thread.

    Is Tig still doing the lectures for ECMT 1010? He's always very energetic in his lectures...
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    FS: Ist Year USYD Commerce textbooks

    Hi guys, got some 1st year textbooks for sale. ECMT 1010: Economic and Business Statistics A 'Basic Business Statistics: Concepts and Applications + CD' 8th International Edition (Might be a little out of date, but still very useable) $30 INFS 1000: Business Information Systems...
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    Thats is one of the less common accounting qualifications in Australia (The ACCA), I hadn't heard of them until you mentioned it (I did a quick search on google to find their site). Most students go with either ICAA or CPA, so yeh don't think the Faculty Handbook lists the courses needed to be...
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    HELP: i wanan do more than 255CP for double degree????

    I'd check the Faculty Handbook to see what the Faculty policy is with regard to overloading. But from face value, Its highly unlikely you'll get to do an extra 24 credit points.
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    help! timetable crap

    The o-week line shouldn't be that long (if my memory is correct), but once semester starts you can expect to wait 45mins + cause the line is huge. And don't bother trying to change your timetable via MyUni, cause it is very inflexible (actually the whole timetable system is) and when I did...
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    I believe you find them out tomorrow (24th Feb), and you view them at the TAS site I guess (same site where you put in your preferences).