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    What do I need to get a 94+ Atar? I dont know what to aim for...

    I got 94.15 which I was a little disappointed in as my teachers always told me I'd get higher but I got 90 in advanced English 43 in extension English 90 in mathematics 41 in extension maths 83 in Chem which didn't count 90 in bio and 89 in pdhpe and school was ranked about 200
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    Pdhpe recheck

    I used my load and go card as long as it is a visa/mastercard
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    Pdhpe recheck

    Just wondering if anyone else was concerned with their pe marks? I always got nearly 100% all through Yr 12 and was ranked first but hsc mark was only 87 and assessment mark 91 so ended up with 89 but I paid to have it rechecked as I was really expecting higher but am also concerned about my...
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    If you ask for HSC exam recheck can your mark get lower?

    I read in 2013 there were 460 rechecks and they found 11 mistakes but not sure if this is 100% accurate also there was the story of the girl in 2013 who got modern rechecked and they lost one of her booklets and it was recorded as a non attempt and she got an extra 13 marks and it changed the...
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    ATAR estimate of possible

    My school was ranked 187 in last years HSC and I was really hoping for a 98 atar not sure if possible or not Advanced English 1/62 Extension English 1/25 Pdhpe 1/44 Chemistry 2/18 Advanced maths 2/21 Extension maths 4/6 Biology 4/36
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    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    I do the module language and values and the elective language and gender. The essay question was really broad which was good and creative fitted with my story perfectly. I hear not many people do this elective does that effect the way it's marked?
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    related text for extension english

    i am doing extension English year 12 the language and gender option and my related text is pride and prejudice which has worked so well! however, i am concerned that because pride and prejudice is a prescribed text in an elective for advanced English (i have not studied pride and prejudice in...
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    health priorities in australia- disabled

    for the core health priorities in Australia, for one of the disadvantaged groups that we have to do along with aboriginal and torres strait islanders, my teacher has chosen the disabled. however, she hasn't given us much information on them, is there any other resources I can use for this...
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    a left- handed commencement address

    my teacher has asked us to talk about Ursula K. Leguin's speech a left-handed commencement address and relate it to the 'community of practice' idea. i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to link this or any good analysis' of her speech from the internet etc?
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    Spelling by margaret atwood

    i was thinking of doing spelling by margaret atwood as a related text for language and gender but am finding it difficult to understand and analyse just wondering if anyone had some analysis on it or knows of any good websites??
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    help with jasper jones related text for belonging

    i wanted to do the book jasper jones by craig silvey as a related text for belonging, does anyone know if that is a good text or has any analysis or knows of websites that analyse the book and specific techqniues that could be linked to belonging?
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    help with creative writing for belonging

    hi, i just wanted some helpl with some ideas for my first english assessment task for yr 12! it says to create an imaginitive piece that explores how a sense of belonging emerges from connections with a community. i was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas as i am not that creative...