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    Multiple Choice Answers

    SE :) its in what direction he is facing.. not the direction he actually is from the centre of the map..
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    HSC Geography exam DONE!

    oh righto.. didnt know there was a section there.. thanks :)
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    How many pages did you write for Q2?

    i stuffed Q2 up dammit.. as i bloody thought they were asking as to WHY it should beincluded.. so i wrote a friggin report on as to why the detour image should bei ncluded... noooooooooooooo
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    How did everyone go

    with the board of studies embedded into teh background of one of the questions.. i also stated that there were spelling mistakes in the first format which were corrected.. it said.. "They are are" and said it has been edited to make sense to "they are:" dont say some of you didnt see that?
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    HSC Geography exam DONE!

    Hrmmm how did everyone go and where do you think you had the most trouble..?? i had some issues with describing the dominance and dependence world cities have on urban centres.. eeek :)
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    How many candidates are there for Geography in 2005?

    haa... wouldnt we all dude :)