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    Cronulla Beach Incident

    Thank you~ You are the only person who has made sense in this whole discussion.... :)
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    Multiple Choice

    I did A for that psycho question... Im pretty sure...
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    feelings about exams - how do your problems compare to others?

    happy birthday sucks bout the fever... the hsc is like... sh*t x
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    Yehhhh 1 done...

    mmm i thought it was pretty average - i didnt like the essay question but the rest was pretty good. cafs tomro, woohoo.
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    Did everyone get a goodluck email from USYD?

    so very strange. i got the same email.
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    Lost Salt Gift Of Crapppp

    My god. Just finished reading that book for Eng Adv....nearly drowned myself it was that terrible! Im now onto Shipping News...its okkkk
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    What primary school did you go to?

    went to st michaels, west ryde neutral bay ps leichhardt public
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    Where should I go 4 Schoolies

    hey guys... any ideas for schoolies 05?? i dont wanna go to the regular QLD.. x