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    Who will continue with this field

    bachelor of civil engineering and commerce and UNSW, hopefully i'll get the 95 UAI
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    yeh i got 4 slabs aswell and its really annoying how everyone has a different answer to this question, everyone in my class had something different too. can we please get a confirmation on this question, most prefrebly from fakingtheday, thnx alot, 4 slabs all the way
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    sorry guys but i just gotta know an estimate..

    thnx alot, um would anyone like to give a second opinion or is that pretty accurate?
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    sorry guys but i just gotta know an estimate..

    Hey these are my school assesment marks and ranks finalised, hope it helps english standard 88% 1/44 Engineering studies 86% 1/10 IPT 84% 3/26 Modern History 83% 2/16 2 unit math 87% 8/56 3 unit math...
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    Design of Lifting machine

    hey i dunno, sounds interesting but truzoro, this might be a suggestion, ask mr jackson or mr benson or mr shoemaaker or sumthing bout it all, they might give u a bit of a suggestion, and u might wanna go for the axial thing cause the torque is very important yuuy! nywayz, good luch with your...
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    Easiest way to ace exam! 90 % above!

    hey guys how's it going, i thought i might put up a title like that to this thread so that it would attract alot of u to see how this is done, well sorry guys easiest way is to just study by i need so info on car jacks, for example screw jacks, scissor jack, hydraulic bottle jacks. i need...
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    Lifting device assignment help

    hey guys, i've sort of got an idea of what i want it to look like, this is a quick design i did in paint brush but u get the idea. Does anyone have any suggestions for the fan propellar design, i need it to be light, and easy to spin
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    Lifting device assignment help

    hey thnx alot for the idea, in fact that was pretty much what i had in mind, i was wondering on what material and design i should use for the fan propelar since it's a pretty important part of the device so does anyone have any ideas on what design i should use to gain maximum efficiency and...
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    Lifting device assignment help

    hey guys hows it going i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas they can help me through with my lifting device module assignment. Basically we have to make a lifting device which works by the wind blown at it from a household fan 30 cm away from it. Our device must ultimately lift up a...