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    urey and miller experiment

    Hey there is loads of stuff about the Urey/Miller experiment on the net. As JanD said the experiment showed that organic molecules could form from inorganic molecules and this is important as it is the first step towards life. I would recommend you google this topic, you will find loads of...
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    If you need help with EES...pm me...

    also me, i got 96 in EES and came 7th in the state in 2005, happy to help!!
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    For all those ppl who did EES and have finished the HSC, what UAI did you get??

    i know this is a bit late but i got a uai of 94.25
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    2006 Roll call!

    Hi guys I did EES in 2005 and i got a mark 96 which placed me 7th in the state, I'm just letting you know that if you are really stuck on a dot point or anything then i will try to help u out, be warned but, I'm not doing your assignments for you, quoting a teacher of mine 'i have already...
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    i always thought we weren't supposed to know out raw assessment mark at all hmmmmmm :rolleyes:
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    Save the planet or free your soul?

    burn burn i dont need no water .... let the motherfucker burn :)
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    55 Minutes Late

    please mind my terrible spelling in this post :S having a scribe isnt all its cracked up to be, i was a reader for the school certificate one year and in the english exam the examiners stressed that we had to transcribe exactly what the person said to us, if they didnt say for example, 'full...
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    hahaha for that rainfall q i put we have been in a drought for the last 4 years and both of those graphs showed the rainfall for b4 the current climatic conditions blah blah blah total crap
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    Who aced it

    fucking dominence and dependance, how did the exam ppl know that i had shit all on that dot point its a conspiracy .... im going to start shutting my blinds at night, they were so watching me .... plus how did they know that i have no idea with vertical exaggeration other then that i think...
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    phys vs bio

    (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics & Adv. Eng) yeah cause u do a shitload of fun subjects dont u :rolleyes:
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    havent got our exams fully back yet but for section 1 (multi) i got 14/15 2 (short answer) 23/25 and the ecosystems at risk essay 18/20 so all up 55/60 so far im first by 5 marks but that is all going to change in the last two essays
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    ivory trail misconception

    i dont even know what that word means ahahahahaha im screwed :rolleyes:
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    phys vs bio

    i dont do physics personally, because im not into equations, i love bio, but i have to say that there isnt a comparision between the two, they are completely different subjects that don't touch at all. The only questions that we really have to work something out are the monohybrid crosses...
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    2005 CSSA Trial

    yep it sure is alright to use the same case study
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    2005 CSSA Trial

    the banded iron formation question was: Starting with the Hadean Eon, draw a time line to show the processes and conditions necessary for the depostition of Banded Iron Formations i also have the CSSA marking guildlines in front of me at the moment its sample answer said: Primitive...
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    CSSA 2005 Trial Results

    got my trial back today i got: 13/15 for multi 52/60 for big section 22/25 for option topic all up 87%, i am unbelieveably stoked :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D sorry, i havent gotten over it yet
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    uai cut offs

    in the uac guide they have 75 as the mark, i can only hope the course is unpopular this year so the cut off doesnt rise ahhhhhh well
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    uai cut offs

    i want to get into the batch of science at UNSW, if i don't get the 75 i need im going to be so pissed off, it would b like me to get 74 or something close but just under the required mark
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    I beat you all.

    tourism in antartica shouldn't be allowed, its the one semi-perfect environment we have left, tourism is going to go to far there and destroy the environment
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    why isn't geog taken up by the masses

    why don't you look at the board of studies website on it there is the syllabus which outlines what you need to know for geog, it doesn't actually include having to do any surveys, but it would be good just to 'drop' into your final essays, i do the hsc full time, and the requirements are that we...