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    Stupid Australia scientist thing

    Thanks dude!!!!
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    Stupid Australia scientist thing

    Where can i find the 'skills section' where this is? I have never heard about it and am wondering what else i have missed.......
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    ok lets start the bitching, that was a difficult exam...

    I thoug crime was shit! I can't even remeber my text book saying that much on international law that you could be expected to write a freaken 8 mark amswer! Shit!!!!!!!!!! And seriously, what the hell was with that senario? Talk about ambiguous... didn't have hardly any acts, and what the hell...
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    Exam: How much did u write

    Crime 12 Family 15 Consumers 14
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    The Exam!!!!!!!!

    While there's no thread, what you guys think? I though it was ok.......... but crime was shit!!!!!
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    Help on the most common questions

    HREOC= Human Rights and Equal Oppotunties Commission- not a treay CROC= Convention on the rights of the child- a treaty
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    What is common law?

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    Crime dot point

    I did victims rights, specifically the rights of sexual assault victims. If anyone has the Excel book, there are examples of criminal justice issues in there, eg mandatory sentencing, prisoners rights etc.
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    I think we are all going to do bad

    Prob 87-90
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    I discuss Power imbalance Harsh contracts Credit ADR E-Commerce
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    Wat Do They Mean By Legal Issues?

    There is a section in the syllabus that describes the "legal issues faced by consumers". Check it out. In my essay i talk about things such as power imbalance between consumer and manufacturers, harsh contracts, alternative dispute resolution, credit and the problems involved with e-commerce.
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    Law & Justice- Help Please

    Rule of Law- basically two concepts 1-the law must be known and 2- the law must be applied equally to everyone. Doctrine of justice- two main concepts 1- defendent has the right to be heard and 2- judge must be impartial and fair Natural justcie- see doctrine of justice (same thing)...
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    10, 10, 10. Pretty happy!
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    Scenes that epitomise a nihilistic interpretation in Brooks - HELP

    I am doing Brookes production and am focusing on act 1 scene 1 and act 5 scene 3. You could talk about the fact that the staging is bare, the setting, the way the lines are spoken by the charcters, the use of alternatifve angles, the fact the film is in black and white, the opening panning shot...
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    Official Question 3 Thread - Change Response

    The book was called representations of change and isn't therefore valid that in the book there could be a discussion on a film? The BOS tells us that a film is a valid text, so surely they wouldn't design a question to exclude people from talking about films?
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    How much did you write

    Hey guys, pretty good exam i thought. How much did you write? Me- Section one- 7 pages Section 2- 5 pages (damn!!!!!!) Section 3- 11 pages
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    Section II prediction

    I had to write an interview for my trial and i got 14/15. Make sure you don't waste time at the start introducing people etc. Get straight into talking about change. Have the interviewer ask short questions, and have the interveiwee answer in long paragraphs. Doing it like this ensures that...
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    intro for changing self ques 3

    I mention all of mine
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    No productions on LEAR at alllllll ~?~ Everyone seems to have smthg bout this in thei

    You really do need to know productions. I don't want to stress you out, but the 2001 Lear question said 'how do different productions dramatise....' So while it doesn't say real prodcutions and you could make them up, it would prob sound better if you talked about real production
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    Really confused with King Lear - Please help

    Well my trial was just on interpretations and not productions.... But i think i am prepared. I know 3 scenes in depth, i know two different interpretatons of these scenes and two productions But is nihilism an interpretation? I am refering to Brookes production....