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    physics tutoring???

    I did Matrix for a while but I felt like they went through topics too quickly so I switched to a private tutor and they really helped because I could personalise what I needed to study a bit more and there is less commitment. Ended up with a band 6 in physics so I guess switching was a good...
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    $30 an hour trials/hsc exam tutoring

    Hey guys, I graduated with an atar 99.55 and 96 in English adv and since then I work marking English essays and providing feedback but they take a huge cut so... If anyone wants feedback on their essays I am happy to do them. I'll do the first part for free as like a preview. email them to me...
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    1984 essay marking

    I can do it too if they haven't
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    $30 an hour trials/hsc exam tutoring

    Hey guys HSC tutor here, I recently graduated as the dux of my high school with an ATAR of 99.55 and what I noticed was that the content taught at school is so much different than the content and skills actually needed to do well in trial and hsc exams. Like how do you write a long response...